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Amtrak it will provide recommendations to the first research funders that worked this incident old to all with the intent of um uh minimizing the occurrence of these types of incidents moving forward but certainly um things like positive train control things like you know was the engineer distracted um is our their recommendations as to how many hours of work somebody should have when they are operating a train all of that will be looked into with recommendations uh you know that a company i was my car has a seat belts and shoulder harnesses they have to have although i had in my head a year look real close but i've got a scar right in my eyebrow ridge that has the exact shape of an mgb hornrimmed back in an era when they were not mandatory at a seatbelt when my car slid off a road but no shoulder heart is and so the seatbelt held maya pelvis in place where my upper body slammed into that steering column on an airplane of course you do have a seat belts and i don't remember i have written a lot of amtrak trade that a remember ever having even so much as a seatbelt much less a shoulder harness is a time for that i do think so you're correct that there are no seat belts on the amtrak trains or mass transit trains um and one of the findings from the philadelphia derailment in 2015 the i was involved in is that you know many of the injuries were due to passengers being um you know quite literally tossed around in the cars as they uh kind corinne is that they careened off their track and so stabilizing them much like we do in an airplane or in a automobile i'm could prevent some of some of the injuries a general is exit you have looked into you've looked into uh uh hurricanes of the lie major snowstorms record the flooding events amtrak derailments plane crashes and the like uh in what areas are we the best and the least capable in terms of.

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