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Bishop Ford also looking good on I 80 and the roads in northwest Indiana. The next traffic report. 11 48 these radio 7 81 of five point out of Found the WBBM. Exigent accurate. The forecast clear to partly cloudy and cold. Tonight's lows range from 22 on the cold the suburbs to 30 at the lakefront windy tomorrow with a good deal of sunshine, but not as cold in the afternoon high 51 still windy tomorrow night with partly cloudy sky low 44. In times of clouds and sunshine Thursday windy, a milder high 63 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Topside on Chicago's weather station news radio. 7 81 of 5.9 FM. Chicago's weather station is news radio wpbf Lots of sunshine humidity, get updates at least 10 times each hour and be prepared for weather's worse. We'll keep you in four with traffic and weather together on the eights online. Click on the weather tab. Wbbm newsradio dot com Strong, understood. Forms. 24 7 count on Chicago's weather station news radio 7 81 5.9 FM W B B M. One company. How do you crack into a tub of Magnum ice cream, Double sea salt caramel, with pleasure cracked the rich outer shell to find caramel sauce and pieces of milk Chocolates world of vanilla ice cream topped two by now. Monday. It's a new episode of all Rise legal trauma where one judge is shaking up the system. When I take the bench, I'm taking about to fight for justice. One case at a time, Your honor. We're going to trial. Simone Missing is judged Lola Carmichael up on that bench. Everything is different. A new episode of all Rise Freedom is at stake..

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