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That the Yuval the school shooting will lead to sweeping changes of gun legislation I'm under no illusion that we're going to do the things that need to be done That the majority of Americans overwhelmingly support Republican and Democrat that can create significant safety Appearing on NBC's meet the press in New Jersey Democrat explained that despite public outcry following the tragedy change would be incremental However he pointed to organizations created in the wake of the sandy hook and Parkland school shootings are growing forces of change Booker said the key is getting people off the sidelines and into the arena in order to make progress The Department of Justice is investigating the police response to the school shooting in uvalde Texas Sam Brock with more Officers waited in a hallway for more than 45 minutes before federal agents overrode guidance to stand by unlock the classroom and kill the gunman according to senior law enforcement officials Do you feel like there's been any kind of explanation Hell no No The city's mayor Don McLaughlin requested the review of law enforcement actions after local police admitted to a number of failures in its response to the shooting that left 21 people dead including 19 children the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety Stephen Macron admitted It was wrong for officers to have waited so long after the shooting began to confront the gunman 7 people are hurt after a shooting on a freeway just outside of Las Vegas Trey Thomas reports It happened just before noon Sunday on interstate 11 in Henderson Two of the people injured were listed in critical condition after being taken to a local hospital Henderson police say they're still searching for a suspect The shooting caused the highway to be closed for nearly 6 hours Gas prices jumped two cents over the weekend the national average price for a regular is now up to four 61 a gallon The markets are closed this Memorial Day I'm Michael kassner Hurricane Agatha is headed toward the southern coast of Mexico with 110 mph maximum sustained winds that puts it at a category two status and the national hurricane center expects it to gain more strength becoming a major hurricane before making landfall sometime today It's roughly 165 miles southwest of Puerto angel Mexico this morning Some relief may be coming for firefighters battling the largest wildfire in New Mexico's history rain is expected across much of the state later this week including in and around the hermit's peak fire the blaze is charging 315,000 acres and is roughly 50% contained there are four other large fires right now in New Mexico along with places in Arizona Colorado Nebraska and Texas Memorial Day cookouts are costing Americans more this year as the price of goods continues to surge Mark Mayfield with more The cost per package of ground beef increased by nearly 15% from last year while the cost of frozen packed meat like chicken increased by nearly 16% Hot dogs hamburger and hot dog buns and other cookout fixings such as sliced cheese tomatoes and lettuce have also sharply increased in price Food prices were nearly 10% higher this year than last Marcus Ericsson is taking home the first place trophy after a thrilling finish in the Indianapolis 500 Yeah it's still tough to sort of take in obviously it's the biggest race in the world And something we all work so much towards and we all dream of winning this With four laps left of the racer crash involving Jimmy Johnson led to a red flag stoppage giving Ericsson time to think of an end of the race game plan A southern rockabilly pioneer who helped shape Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group the band is dead Ronnie Hawkins passed away Sunday He was 87 years old I'm Michael kassner And I'm Denise Pellegrini in the Bloomberg newsroom Mostly positive start for stocks in Europe That's following a big rally in Asia as COVID cases and lockdowns in China ease In Europe right now London Switzer up under half a percent the Dax in Germany and the keck in Paris more than half a percent We continue to track crude oil this morning breadcrumb briefly topping a $120 a barrel on the expectation demand from China will jump as those lockdowns Also the EU is working on trying to come to an agreement on an embargo on Russian oil according to Bloomberg specs Ramsay in Brussels Now an EU official says a deal is still possible in the coming days but it does require the backing of all member states And Ramsay says Hungary has been the holdout on any deal Shortened trading week in the U.S. with the Memorial Day holiday may jobs report coming out this coming Friday But Rick Michael mckees says anyone worried about inflation might see something soothing in the jobs report when it comes to average hourly earnings They are expected to fall on a year over year basis From 5.5% to 5.2% Now that's a strong gain still And part of the reason they follow is because they were so strong Last year at this time But it is in the correct direction So whatever reasons you want to put behind it it is going the way that the fed hopes it will go in terms of slowing the economy and inflation Bloomberg's global economics and policy editor Michael McKee And speaking of inflation in the fed former treasury secretary Larry summers says after dragging its feet too long the fed is finally getting it right in fighting inflation but the economy could still get hurt I do continue to believe that a soft landing is an unlikely outcome And summers with us there on Bloomberg television small street week A couple news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake Powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries In the newsroom I'm Denise Pellegrini This is Bloomberg This is Bloomberg best Bloomberg radio is everywhere I always accurate and precise bluebirds really one of the places that's reporting facts Your communication capabilities are wonderful far business Bloomberg best Bloomberg's best stories.

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