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We'll see the boy come to terms with life outside of camelot but once again that will be read. After this. Last year i went basically nowhere and so this year. One of the places i need to go is the doctor. We missed physicals dental cleanings. The eye doctor everything. Here's something great. We found in looking for the right. Dr zack dock. Zok is extra fun to say and helps you out with something intrical to your health. Just download the free stock app. The easiest way to find a great doctor instantly book an appointment. It's brilliant because i can search for local doctors who take our insurance re patient reviews and book appointments for in person or video chat appointments. It's my go-to when. I need a doctor because it's so convenient then it's not just primary care either it's dermatology psychiatry optometry and tons of other specialists the best way to check it out. Go to zyppah dot com slash myths and download. The app to sign up for free. Zadok makes healthcare easy. Now is the time to prioritize your health. Good izaak dot dot com slash myths and download the zach knock app to sign up for free and book top-rated. Dr many are available as soon as today. That's z. o. C. d. o. C. dot com slash myths. Were cat people. But we're also dog. People and meal are sheltie is one of us. That's why when it comes to keeping me la- safe happy and secure. We knew halo. Collar was the only caller we would use. I mean we have a fence but there's also gate that regularly gets left open halo is. The solution is the only smart system and collar out there with intuitive training. Gps location and smart fences all in one that means freedom for the dog and peace of mind for us. It's the best invention. There are tons of features with halo but the main reason we love it is for the smart fences yes plural you can create up to twenty ounces instantly basically you can walk the perimeter of your space with the collar or map it out with your finger on the halo app both or simple to do and we can have a smart fence at home at the laws and we rent a cabin leader the summer yet. The applications are endless. Check out the ninety second video on shop halo collar dot com slash myths. To see how easy it is to set up and use ticket manager of the special limited time introductory offer today save twenty percent on your halo collar by going to shop. Hello caller dot com slash myths. That's shop halo collar dot com slash myths to save twenty percent. You must go to the site to get this offer and it can only begotten.

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