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Of any Democrats, Senate Republicans moved the nomination of Amy Cockney Barrett. To be the next Supreme Court justice forward and confirmations expected this evening. Here's Cuomo's Carleen Johnson. Senate Democrats were furious, including Maria Cantwell Feed Court nominee ING instead of hearing from groups and organizations about their concerns, and that is just not good for our overall system. Republican Marsha Blackburn said Amy Cody Barrett is not going to be the type of justice either party should take issue with conservatives do not want activist judges of any stripe. They want constitutionalists that Barrett is confirmed to become a member of the highest bench of the country, which appears to be a foregone conclusion. One of the first cases she could hear as a new Supreme Court justice could decide who wins the White House, with courts at all levels already being deluged with cases related to balloting in the run up to election day. Carleen Johnson. Come on, you know, news time 707. Nearly half the ballots in King County have already been returned and camo Suzanne Francaise statewide 42% have been Richard King County elections authorities offered. These highlights were already close to about 47% turnout. We've got what 11 days ago. $85,000 just from ballot drop boxes, which is just astonishing. Matthew Slate is just excited to do a civic duty. Awesome feels like I'm contributing to the coming change that needs to happen. For some dropping off a ballot is so monumental. It's worth a photograph. I have never been so.

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