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Here's the thing is never gonna be enough because once you're in the culturally Woakes fear is never enough none of it's ever enough every you can you can bend the knee you're you're not gonna be treated as a person with knobs although you're saying you're going to be treated as a person who ought to have their head lopped off Joffrey style you can be Ned stark and accept your expulsion to the night watch you can but guess what you can go to the night watch my friend you're going to a very different place the woke crowd is out for heads and they're going to get heads in the best way they can do that is by targeting the media because the media are incredibly responsive to this sort of stuff many corporations are incredibly responsive to the stuff because they're risk averse and their controversy immerse my wife knows this ms one left is is running culture a pace is what they're doing so prepare for it and everybody everybody who's working right now in America and is receiving notes from their employers about how they bear guilt for George what staff is doing this right now and if you speak up you say what I didn't kill George what I think is evil what do I have to do is I'm not culturally sensitive your right to privacy you're secretly racist deep down most Americans know the scrap most Americans know they're not bad people most Americans know they're not racist most Americans know they post police brutality and racism most Americans know that and that's why the longer this goes on the less it's going to achieve originally is in terms of housing initiating anything and in terms of actually changing Americans minds I'm wondering how you change Americans minds by I basically castigating people are not racist is racist for not saying the specific words you want and then by putting out videos of people kneeling before other people.

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