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Power of people working together so those will be the five books i would read this summer and all of them are great couple of them you can read in a day or two legacy you can read in a day i think you can read shoe dog at a day and you can re coach wooden day so really the only other ones that they'd take a little bit of time absolutely i should say that shoe dog is bill walton's favorite book for people that didn't watch college basketball during the maui invitational bill walton red shoe dog while he was on the air during the middle of a basketball game so that's good and it's easy and it's an easy read i mean it's not and he's not the thing i like about people that read my book it's not a self serving book like my book has i know the titles gridiron genius but it's not about me it's about the geniuses i worked for and so i it's it's a it's a book about how humbled i am to be able to learn from so many people and i think that that that's when you read shoe dog you'd get a sense of the humbleness of phil knight and you get the sense of why his authenticity was so great but really when you religiously you basically have a roadmap to the future james kurt an incredible job with that book but smarter faster better i'm gonna talk to the i gotta find a i'm gonna try to contact that the writer who wrote the book because i think there's a another book in there about why the nfl and nba drafter all bad because most of it is based on groupthink and groupthink doesn't work in the words of bill walsh of raw thinking like no one is thinking and no one thinking tape fraser absolutely this has been a another addition of gm street movie back in a couple of weeks to get you all caught up on everything that's going on in the world of the nfl next week kevin clark in robert mays we'll be back on this feed until then thank you mike money.

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