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Been removed from the ballot oh state supreme court that was because the guy behind this whole thing is actually a, Russian his headquarters are in Russia really yeah they want to sow discord everywhere they can and. This is, part of it this guy's a millionaire, let's you what's his name Yeah anyway he's he's gonna fight he's he's put one over to almost two million. Dollars, into this campaign. To try and get the state he's an early investor in tech companies. His name is Draper he. Became? Wildly. Successful he was an early investor in Skype. He's also one of the nation's. Most ardent supporters of. Crypto currency like bitcoin yeah So there you go and the Russian? Spy Maria bettina Has been arrested and she is being. Held now no bail good there was they did try to get bail. From her there were Russian attorneys in the courtroom and they were arguing that she should have. Bail Ono she won't go to the embassy and, then skip. No won't she could be picked up by an embassy vehicle at her house shirt and suddenly have immunity because the embassy vehicle is considered the m so she will sit. In jail it has been now alleged that she traded sex for favors while moving into the. Political circle the, filing said patina gained access to an extensive network of influential Americans through someone described as. US person, number one, number one which is widely believed to be. Republican strategist, Paul Erickson it, also says MS Boutin a- and US person one, lived together but that their relationship did not represent a strong tide of the US for her For. Her because she appears to freed it simply as a necessary aspect of her activities in other. Words yeah I'm living with this guy and having, sex with. Him because it's part of my job Yep the DOJ department Justice added that at least one occasion Bettina offered an individual other than US person one sex in exchange for. A position within a special interest organization would be the NRA yes the National Rifle Association and. She did in, fact a gain a an influential position or some influence within the National Rifle Association and. There are, a number, of pictures of her with the guy who's. On his, way to hell, any day now Wayne LaPierre had of the or, he's not actually didn't he Saudi replace him he's not the president anymore replaced him Oh yeah he's an, actor yeah Who I can't. Remember All right sports weather traffic wizard night at the bees Playing the Las Vegas fifty one. Wizard characters they'll be on the court concourse for meet-and-greet magic, themed promotions dazzling on. The field, on the video board and it's thirsty Thursday With with Kerr's light Oliver North, that's what that's right Whether it'll. Be hot again today ninety eight this is ninety, eight it'll be over, a hundred. Someplace ensure that Yup And traffic crash southbound I. Fifteen to fifteen junction. In north Salt Lake off to the right shoulder Crash southbound. I fifteen four hundred, north in west bountiful crash southbound I fifteen at one hundred and second. South in sandy stalled vehicle I. Two fifteen south ramp to go south on I fifteen in. Midvale the left lane is blocked there when life feels like it's crashing down on. You from above lifetime roofing is here to offer you peace. Of mind and that home of yours you and your family. Have your. Own personal fortress of reassurance roof said lifetime roofing or simply better than everyone else's period.

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