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Design for njit new jersey institute of technology learn more at storiesofinnovation njitedu you now president trump says on twitter he is confident north korea will refrain from nuclear and missile testing during meetings with the us the president also tweeted about support he says he's received from the leaders of china and japan overt the diplomatic efforts attorney general jeff sessions whose talked about cracking down on marijuana sales today tells a georgetown law audience prosecutors won't go after small cases but states where it's been legalised are not out of the woods i am not going to tell colorado california or someone else that the possession of marijuana is legal on the united states law the justice department today also announced eight is taking a first step toward outlawing bump stock rifle modifiers with a proposal to declare the machine guns a concept rejected by federal law enforcer several here here's a go black panther is now a billion dollar success in box office earnings worldwide i'm jan johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters european union trade chief cecilia malmstrom says she is still in the dark about whether the blog will be left off the hook from plan us tariffs this after frank but ultimately fruitless talks with her american counterpart in brussels today the vicks may not be sending an allclear sign for the markets that according to jeff regan lack good lack the billionaire bond manager who is chief executive officer of double line capital said on twitter late yesterday that the markets are ash and important crossroads but he said he was sceptical that volatility is over bloomberg lp the parent company of bloomberg radio.

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