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Things. And furthermore. If you can get approval to go on the island, you have to be an anthropologist to gain access. They do not allow tourism on the island. It was confirmed that they north into no island continues to be a travel reserve and the D notification from rap. Has not affected the status. Putting the galaxy of visiting the island Assad. Because to me, that's that's only one piece of the puzzle. Very small piece of the puzzle. Let's put that aside. My main question is simply why do it? Sentinel lease tribes people are basically seen as a quote, neglected people by those wishing to spread the word God to them apparently and ASA spec based on everything that I've read about the situation so far that John Chow honestly with all of his heart wanted to ensure that the tribes people had an opportunity to learn about salvation, or at least the Christian version of salvation. He was concerned for their souls. And he didn't want them the burn inhale for attorney. I mean isn't

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