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Zero one completely packed from two eighty to Treasure Island crossing the bay bridge, and we're seeing widespread. Rain all around the bay area and even stronger storm system tomorrow into your Thursday before we start to dry things out. Wednesday morning. Armstrong and Getty show. We'll have any highlights or lowlights out of the grilling of the soon to be attorney general plus the liberal lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, absolutely colluded with the Russians, and we have it in writing. What it's really an interesting story. And we'll the robots be taking our job, our ongoing discussion be afraid be very very in. Tune into the Armstrong and Getty show. Armstrong and Getty show, weekday morning six to ten on K G O eight ten this is the Savage Nation waiting for a Davinci to appear. I haven't seen one yet. All I see are lies and propaganda about the fact that they're delivering so many goods to this country in terms of culture, so far as I can tell they're not delivering much in the way of our borders are being destroyed a language is being destroyed in our culture is being destroyed. No, not all immigrants are equal. Pardon me. Savage Nation from Westwood One podcast network. You knew the risks when you decided to drive drunk there could be a crash people could get hurt or killed. But that didn't stop you. Did it you knew you could get arrested you incur, huge legal expenses, and you could possibly even lose your job. You were well aware of the consequences of driving drunk, but one thing's for sure you were wrong when you said it was no big deal. Drive sober or get pulled over..

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