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Great Ballpark Great City. Also when you look at cities across the United States that have a high amount Of baseball players who live in that city in the off season. You know, you think about areas in Texas. You think about it some areas in Florida Obviously, Arizona there are a lot of baseball players. But Nashville is another place where there are a lot of ball players and I could tell you There's a fair amount of guys out there that if they are a if they're a sought after player who might make the major league team or might be a triple a guy, and they know that about themselves, they know that they're going to be going into spring training. Competing on. Obviously they want to be on a big league roster. But if they're not going to be on a big league roster if they're going to be a triple a guy the opportunity to be in Nashville, where they might call that home is something that they very much looked, too. So there are some advantages. There are a lot of advantages to Nashville. I believe it's going to be a 10 year agreement. That's something that's new. Previously, the player development contracts between organizations and teams have been two years, four years, occasionally six years. Major league Baseball doesn't want The affiliation shuffle that we have very commonly seen and minor league baseball so They're really pushing towards these longer term agreements all the way around. It's good. I'm sure there are some people inside of the Brewers organization that are still Not super happy with the way they were treated by the Nashville sounds when you know six years ago when everything went down the way it did, But now they're able to go back in there and hopefully the hurt feelings we've mended. I I've always thought it's cool. That you kind of had the two way thing where The national Triple A team is providing players for the Brewers and then Conversely, the Admirals are providing players for the Nashville Predators. So just that that Milwaukee Nashville connection that exists both in baseball and hockey, of all the stuff that's kind of cool, so that's a small thing, but it is it is back, so I think most people could be pretty happy with the way things have gone down that the Brewers are going to have their affiliation. Back at Triple A with it. The Nashville sounds. And now, finally, six years later, they finally get to take advantage of the Amazing Ballpark in Nashville that they had a part in getting built. The Brewers absolutely had a part in getting that bill, by the way. Just sidebar on that. The so when Nashville had that wanted to get a new or team in there when they kind of kicked the Brewers out. They went with the Oakland A's organization and the A's had had this long run of success as the Triple A team in Sacramento, where they one year and I worked in the Pacific Coast League at the time. One of the running jokes in the Pacific Coast League. Was that Billy being the Oakland general manager should be the Pacific Coast Lee executive the year every year because the Sacramento River Cats won the PCL year after year after year. Well, they went into Nashville didn't have a whole lot of success there. It was not a great relationship. They end up leaving the A's did Then they brought in the Texas right so all that If the sounds could go back in time, six years, I would have to think they would have just chosen to stick with the Brewers, the old saying about the grass, not always being greener on the other side. Have to think the national sounds learned that when they kicked the Brewers out, and the Brewers, by the way, had some pretty successful seasons at the Triple A level after leaving Nashville. All right. The Rule five draft was today It didn't really impact the Brewers. What kind did we'll talk about it next? It's Brewers Weekly catch more Brewers.

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