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Listen to me it looks like you practice making out with yourself just be honest have you ever kissed a girl i have yes pack besides your mom was the last time you made out with a girl i'll be honest it was a while i've been single for awhile but it was i was girlfriend i really had was back in high school so in what you're you wake forest i'll arising junior so the girls in three years it's been awhile partisans readily make all the dance floor puke and keep going unfortunately not well we've got a lot to teach you okay tell hogs off the air that he was single as a pringle so whoever says that the three years guy opening was right next to what's his name eric internet eric is that what i'm going to be now no no we'll get something for you intern version now if he was standing next the hugs and you told me what guy i would think has kissed the soon as i would've said him yes but i could already tell he seems to be more the shire shot yeah in library focused on his march squirming in his seat as we're talking like hugs is like community college no fence i went there he's wake forest university is a big difference yeah you know so and then hugs also i just they're two totally different people over the he said you singles a pringle hollywood a nerd hugs goes on there like i'm having sex decide you probably are making better decisions with your life yeah i'd say but i feel confident so you don't have any women out there there's randomly pregnant like hugs does no good it's good for the best man would you be open to going on a date with multiple listeners we did like a dating game with our intern yeah yeah i mean i talked to hugs i mean unfortunately it didn't work well for him right yeah so yeah i mean you're open to it unfortunately it hasn't been going great for me as you've mentioned so you know why not maybe we should give it a shot okay oh i n had date since he's been in college kissed the girls in twenty i'm twenty yes wow all right well we'll figure out for yourself and i want to help you out in the have you ever drank alcohol before it has been consumed jason has been considering who's asking us.

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