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Somebody in another part of the world that's watching on a screen. And they knew if they found out they would be killed for their faith, but they said, I love Jesus too much. And even if those are the circumstances, I must follow him. Who do they say? And who do you say? And then the next level, because, oh, AW toaster says this. He says, what comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you? What comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you. So I want you listening at that level of who do they say he is and then who do you say? But I also want you listening at the level of you. Who do they say that you are? And then Jesus, who do you say that I am? And I need you listening at both of those levels. And some of you are like, oh, I already got the answer, the gold star, I know who Jesus is. You know, he's the word. He's the flash. He's all this. Yeah, you've been coming to church for 20 years and you get the gold star and you get the sticker. And you talk about Jesus for 90 minutes on Sunday, but you live like hell Monday through Saturday. 'cause the answer is not with your language. It's with your lifestyle. The answer to these things are not ultimately described in what you say because at the end of this inverse 20 Jesus and don't tell anybody he's the messiah. Why would he make that outlandish claim? Because he says it's not about what you say. Words are cheap. And I'm tired of you throwing out cheap race. And once you counting the cost of really what it means to follow Jesus. Because as these disciples move forward from this moment, it will cost them everything. But they will come to these places of who do they say. And who would do you say? And in this text, Peter is the central character. He's the guy that speaks up. Of course he does. That's Peter. He's also called Simon. For those of you that are new to church, he's got two names. Simon is the birth name he was given. It means shifty. It means fluid. It almost paints a picture of water. But now when he encounters Christ, he's given a new name. Peter, petros, rock. You want to talk about extremes? Water and a rock. One other theologian says the name Simon would be translated as flat nosed. Picture a guy who's constantly running into a wall. Like, that's Peter. He is extreme. This dude is all over the place. When Jesus says, hey, disciples, I need to wash your feet. He's like wash all of me lord. He's the guy who's banging on the door. He's the guy who's cutting ears off. He is so extreme, and I relate to beat her. 'cause I am so extreme. My wife and I've been a part of the church since we started with one of the original 8 families. And I remember one and a half years into the ministry, we had two locations at that point. And we really wanted to be at another high school that was in the area. But when we started the church, the principle there didn't like churches. But we're sitting in a staff meeting, and now we hear, oh, there's a new principle. I'm like, all right, I got my new assignment. I'm gonna go get us into that school. So I drive over to the school and I drive up. There's only a couple cars there because it's a vacation day. Dang it, but I walk up to the front door. I'm like, it's locked. I go to the next doors. Go to the next stores. They start walking around the side of the school, start pushing on Windows. I go to the back of the school, and I see this long horizontal window above a dumpster. So I climb up on top of the dumpster and I push the window and it opens up, and I shimmy my way into this long, narrow window above a dumpster, and I make my way up to the front office. And I walk in. And the woman goes, you're Larry drawing from elevation. Like, how did you know him? You've been watching me on close camera. I'm expecting like the cops to bust in any moment. And she goes, my husband and I, we've been coming and my kids have been coming for about 8 weeks now to your Providence location. She said, we ended up there because we told our kids about two months ago that we were going to get divorced. Her husband and I, and the kids just begged to know mom. We can't do this. How about we go to church? There's a church meeting at the high school we go to at Providence high school. How about we go check them out? And through tears, she starts to tell me how both of their daughters gave their life to Jesus and they were committed to making the marriage work and they were staying in it. My goodness. What I'm telling some of you is you are way too passive about the promises of God. There is a blessing God.

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