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You should believe in math not magic you're listening to the watch dog on Wall Street with Chris Moore comes I know you still don't get why all I this move like that how does it go up over a hundred and four hundred fifty but dropped to her how how is that possible this people that there's a large portion of Tesla stock that is held by certain hedge funds in institutions out there which limits the size of the flow we also have this new phenomenon out there with these online trading places like Robin Hood were millennials like to get involved in stocks over the short term I was over at over twelve thousand new purchases of Tesla via these Robin Hood type places out there with the kids think that they're going to ride this thing and get rich quick now the hedge funds out there that own this stock how they get paid Ron Baron get paid Ron Baron gets paid he gets a position portion of the assets that he manages and he also collects twenty five percent of the profits twenty five percent of the profits yeah if I was wrong and I own one point six million shares of Tesla at two hundred fifty dollars a share and all of a sudden it's all over nine hundred dollars a share what what what would I do show but he can't yeah he's married to that position you say the position is so large if he starts on loading it it will take the stock like there's no tomorrow plus word will get out if someone sees that Ron parents selling test what he's a true believer out there everyone is going to jump ship so you have an account at some of these hedge funds there and you have all of your account looks wonderful wow look at look at how great I'm doing here but you're not it's all paper it's not real you own shares that you cannot sell because again you have walked up periods with hedge funds and if all of a sudden people start to say you know I want my money out then there is going to have to start selling I explain this to people in terms of baseball cards it's a great way doing it because I as a kid blog collecting baseball cards and I got a pretty decent collection if I if I look up online the when I was a kid I used to look at these books and they would tell you what the value of your baseball card is L. and let's say for instance I've got a Dave Winfield rookie card what is it like nineteen seventy two or something like that and the Dave Winfield rookie card I guys work which is something I have no idea let's say it's worth two hundred dollars in mint condition somebody has to pay me two hundred dollars I can't take the Dave Winfield rookie card go down to the CVS or go to buy gas and they put gas in my car with it's only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it and sometimes when the stock quotes get very very high in a big hill liquid to some degree these major positions yes what what the stock is trading at can be a bit of what we like to call a few days he it's not real now I want to play for you up a cliff I I've I've mentioned this before I grabbed it yesterday yet another I mentioned the forest Gump Tom Hanks well here's another here's another right Tom Hanks movie that was a big fan of long time I haven't seen it a long time I don't really think it's dated either the movie big the only big let's listen to this right no not from a yes yes I don't get it.

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