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Both new and existing get the same. great no matter if you've been with them since your first ringtone or looking to jump now at. at and t. everyone gets promoted to the best deal. Checkout smartphone pricing for everyone at. at and t. forward slash best deals restrictions and exceptions may apply for unless finish up with the biggest surprise Of the baseball season thus far it could be negatively or positive. A positive. Just a team that you didn't expect to be where they are as we approach august. I i'll give you. I'll give you disappointment. I not perspective. And then i'll give you a surprise from a player perspective and to me it's just it's a minnesota twins you know. I think that they were on the off season. You know so. Many people thought that they were gonna team and the white sox had a lot of juice and that in the al central people thought the white sock could would be there as well but the twins are really built to win now and you know the pitching was was always going to be a question. Mark like every team by the way pitching always going to be an issue but the pitching was kind of the one weakness but man. I did not see them. I mean getting out of the game slowly as they did and then just never been able to recover and that that to me that there were high expectations in minnesota to me. That's that's the biggest disappointment. The biggest surprise to me is shohei ohtani. I look we got a tip. Our caps to guy. I mean we. We've never seen anybody do anything like this. We were on the set going crazy last night. John smoltz myself only when he hit home. Run number thirty six four sixty three feet. I mean you know even multi state because some hoping for the longest. Has you know. There's a big. There's a big group of people who think he'd be better off being a closer if he's going to go hit every day but because they just don't you know the preparation that it takes to be a starter you know. A lot of people thought the hitting was just going to be too much. But even john i mean he cop last night he said look i was wrong. He said this is what this guy's doing is truly amazing. And i know a lotta people with. Oh babe ruth. But but what babe ruth did compared to what it. It's it's really night day. I mean this guy throws a hundred and he can turn around one hundred miles an hour and he's having so much fun doing it and you know i think we really gotta just kinda soak this in because we have never seen anything like this and you know. It's it's unbelievably special for him. It's probably no big deal because he's done in his entire life ever since you know as long as he's been planning over in japan but to come here and do this against the you know the best players and compete with the best players in the world i mean and be dominant starting pitcher and then oh by the way one of the best hitters in baseball leads the league in slugging and homers. I mean it's it's it's not now. Is it historic. it's i. I don't know if we'll ever see it again. No doubt he. He's been unbelievable. Just does advertise. And i know people weren't sure when they heard all the hubbub about him but we see it and he is a no doubt a stod. Hey friend thank you. So much for joining us on the podcast and continued success. Check them out franchise on mlb tonight on mlb network. Thanks hey for now thank you thank you man you you you pave the way i mean you you you. You've been at this for a long time. I mean you continue to do great work. And you know without rob parker there's no franchise and want to say thank you for everything that you you've helped me throughout my career so big to you man. Thank you my man. That means a lot. thanks friend. it's time for the pocket. Protector centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony with the trade deadline looming on friday. It's time for front offices to decide whether they're planning for baseball or golf. Come october then that. Got me thinking about some of the greatest deadline acquisitions and mlb history. Did you know only two players ever hit twenty plus homers for their new team after coming over and july trade mark. Maguire nineteen ninety-seven. The year before he broke rodriguez record. Hit twenty four for the cardinals but jd. Martinez blew him out of the water in two thousand seventeen going from detroit to arizona. Crushing twenty nine home runs in that time including four homer game at dodger stadium in september of that season. Also don't forget. Manny ramirez finished fourth in nl mvp voting in two thousand and eight after playing only fifty three games for the dodgers. Yes is twelve. Thirty two opie. Was that good on the mound. Was there ever a better deadline. Acquisition than the for the brewers in two thousand eight coming over from cleveland. So you went eleven into with a one sixty five. Era in seventeenth starts from milwaukee with a league leading seven. Complete games and three shutouts leading the brew crew to their first playoff berth in twenty-six years now time will tell anybody switching teams. This year will have that type of impact. That was a big week in the big leagues. Four is it fair and now from. Mlb bro dot com. Here's jr gamble. Jr is if foul or is it fair to say the dodgers should give up on. Trevor bauer returning this season and go after norm like max scherzer if they hoped to repeat as world series champions fair any hopes that the dodgers had trevor bauer returning before the play offs or even seasons end is dashed with the postponement of his recent court hearings. Nearly a month after the last pitched for the los angeles dodgers bauer appeared in los angeles superior court friday for a civil hearing in which was to contest at temporary restraining. Order filed against him by.

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