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Rob was like hot and like people like read or wanted to remember when he had head to read or on him and then he gained a they said that not the tattoo looks like cabbage patch kid as kim said i never thought about that what happens to touch when you get to the stretch they shouldn't wouldn't you get skinny raw back here he's on his way home but like i'm just really excited for skinny rom she wouldn't emmy by long justice for the real i think that's just there's a lot of these between the real and the view and what about the chew in the talk okay the two and the talker different actually the torment the view in the host yeah the byu the real and the chew in the talk are all very similar and the view the ladies claimed they said on an episode that like they were the first original format like there's so many copycats now and then the girls on the real like fired back out no actually i might be view is original format i believe right and okay yes so but like i don't know i'd be more inclined to watch the real i like those girls better they're funnier and they talk about shit like i care about right and then the talk question mark sharon osborne that's all i know about the talk i can't i don't know how to keep him and i do know that like a while back they were casting for it and like my name was brought up and i was like shocked obviously now like no one wants me boat over you didn't wanna do it anymore because to move and oh it's filled in la all those shows come to new york time maybe and also like i think it would go like the toast of is the view no i wouldn't ever want to be just in terms of prestige.

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