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Degrees on her way to a high in the upper seventies, slightly cooler again tomorrow and then a warm up by the weekend right now, on Colorado's morning news hundreds in the metro area calling for change. It's all part of a nationwide effort on racial injustice. Kaylie News Radio's check Clark joining us live at the details in a march that went through the metro area, Marty they didn't care about the violent protests and other cities. The goal was March on marching together and we're sweating and we're fatigued and we're like shouting and our voices are getting tired, but we still keep pushing through it. It's very much Michael cosmic of the struggle that we have lying ahead before Protester talking or partners in Fox 31. They started at the Martin Luther King Jr Library and Aurora yesterday afternoon and walk five miles to City Park seeking justice for Elijah McClane. And others who are brutalized by police. There was some pushback in some traffic issues, but overall a peaceful demonstration for peace. Clark away NewsRadio, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says there's a simple way to stop the violence We're seeing in the cities across the US and in his home state's on CNN's state of the union, the Republican lawmaker called for more resource is and backup to be brought in, including the National Guard. What we need do is we need to get control of the situation. And until we until we do, we're going to have more violence. We're goingto have, unfortunately, potentially more loss of life, Johnson said. That way. Those involved in writing are vastly outnumbered. He credited was conking Congress Congressman Brian Style for contacting President Trump and asking for help in Kenosha. Following that police shooting of Jacob Blake, the president expected to pay a visit to the state tomorrow. However, Wisconsin's governor Tony Evers, is asking him to put off the trip. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, calling on the president to denounce the violence and bring the country together. After a shooting that killed a man in Portland. Saturday night shooting happened after a pro trump caravan with hundreds of vehicles drove through downtown. Don't let this be the spark. It's sets off an acceleration of hostilities in our beautiful city while the mayor was speaking President Trump tweeted. The only way to stop violence is through strength. We understand he will work with local officials to end violent demonstrations. I'd appreciate that either the president support us or you stay the hell out of the way. Police for investigating one led to the shooting. There has not been an arrest. Brad Ford, NBC News Radio Portland, Oregon. Back here in Colorado, The Cameron Peak fire burning in Larimer County is now covering more than 23,000 acres. Operation section chief Russ Long says the fires in a very difficult location burning at more than 9500 ft. It's burning in a really complex, difficult fuel type, so we have lodgepole pine mixed Conifer. There are some meadows, but they're few and far between, generally in the valley bottoms and the ridge tops. And then beyond that this whole area has been affected by the mountain Pine beetle, So there's a high amount of dead standing trees that are essentially ready to burn. Cameron Peak Fire. Still, 0% contained a woman hiking in Lake County when she says a man shot her dog because was not on a leash, Boating, swimming and hiking. Kelli Murray takes her dog Pepe just about everywhere, but now they're forced to take things slow. That said, a miracle as pepper recovers from a gunshot wound. I'm having a hard time understanding where You know, it all came from. Murray says she and peppy were hiking the Windsor Lake trail in the Mount massive wilderness area Thursday. They were almost to the top. When she heard this from a man coming down. You better put your dog on a leash or I'm going to shoot it. Seconds later, a single gunshot. I said, Oh, my God, That's all I remember is saying, Oh, my God, and he said, I told you I was going to shoot your dog. Marie says she didn't get a good look at the man as she took Pepe and ran back down the trail. My main concern was getting back to the Jeep. Fast, So I was truly scared for my life. You know the trail they were. Hiking does require dogs to be on a leash. But Murray says this man's actions go beyond being frustrated over someone not following that rule. Obviously, this person has some kind of problem, and I just hope that you get the help that he needs to the Lake County Sheriff's Office calls this a one time incident and says there's no known threat to the public that is Fox 30 One's Rachel Skylar reporting a 13 year old is getting her own reward for helping Colorado renters impacted. The pandemic. The apartment Association of Metro Denver is going to give Arena Britain a college scholarship for raising more than $1500 to help provide rental assistance during the pandemic as a bat mitzvah project Arena set out to raise $2600 but ended up raising more than four times that amount with a go fund me effort. The apartment association today will accept her donation and, in turn, give Marina a scholarship and a pair of vans she wanted for her birthday. Cathy Walker, Koray news radio. And for the first time in a long time, we've got some weekend box office numbers such as they are for movie goers willing to brave the pandemic to see Christopher Nolan's Ted it theatrically pushed it toe a better than expected $53 million weekend debut in Canada and overseas Hollywood will certainly be looking attended as a bellwether when it opens in.

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