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A service of Financial Engines stopping Austin's news. Austin fire crews were called dos elementary school this morning because of smoke in the building and a possible fire AFC says it appears the smoke came from an air conditioning unit. And there was no fire cedar park. Police are questioning people in connection with an overnight murder. Police responding to a shooting call and the one thousand block of savannah, laying around eleven thirty found a man had been shot to death. Texans overwhelmingly support making public education a top priority. This legislative session. This is according to a new poll from education nonprofit, raise your hand, Texas, executive director, Dr Michelle Smith says the results show that most people believe paying teachers more is the most vital first step and increasing quality education eighty five point four percent cells at the state should pay teachers more. And basically what our position is is that we want to see the average teacher salary. Go up over time as a whole increasing school. Funding is a close second the results also show. Most Texans are strongly opposed to standardized testing is a way to gauge graduation readiness or school accountability, metric Osborne. Newsradio Kilby J. Texas. Lawmakers are thinking about other ways to help fund public schools. One ideas to invest a portion of the state's economic stabilization fund. Better known is the rainy day fund, which is about twelve billion dollars in is the largest in America, central Texas, GOP Representative John Syria. Thanks, some of that should be invested to help fund schools investments that we ought to be able to use. At least half of that in invested better than just let's say sticking it. Underneath a.

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