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So you mentioned about what what you into a noise. Why how did you get into human activism inspired. A what was i. I well i. That walls doing psychology undergraduate degree at university college. London and i even though i enjoy things like clinical psychology and social psychology. I was always. I was always more attractive. Worse than the occupational psychology side of things. And then i discovered by absopure chance that literally across the road from garrett street was the original economics unit is remote more governors and rachel belichick bombers most rachel benedict today and went over there initially to ask if i could to ask him a barrel their their their police breathalyzer because i was doing a study on the effects of alcohol on 'em second-largest skills dr in other words dark throwing an incredibly popular student experiment. Believe you mean talking to an harry. More absolutely inspirational. I'm thinking and they did things like control panels. You know going back to jerry anderson and it just seems like cheap chains and go to go to and coalmines and some of the courses were held at the institute. What was the baby. Manson army personnel research dente. Fauveau this is. This is the do so i i took the nfc down then. Never looked back. Never ever see you kind of have take knocked additional route. Then you got the Academic agents and then you then you move into industry yes. I was very lucky again. It started luck about a third of the way through. The course i was. I was pushed into applying for a job at what was brassieres based on amex filtered in bristol By my colleagues by my my mum contemporaries. I'd i'd be very interested in you deck which it was able to wait. I did not by missing the london original the original flight deck off the time so model c. in got invited down Got invited down with paul day on smith were at will on the the interviewing panel gone off. The job was taken next door to good old. The dr john habits office is headed department and ios off the job and the cash over until the se was completed which is so. I got into something where again it sounds nafta jerry. I did that as a kid. Designed control panels drew control panels on the wall could say this economics thing was man on a plate..

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