Benazir, Matt Bahr, Herschel Walker discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


Around waiting for the tv he said all right benazir here's the deal i'm gonna see if you got what it takes pack up your shit and get outta here you said you've got all the field goals on the extra point all the kickoff i'm if you can handle it or i if you're packing up and going home and pretty pretty straightforward challenge i guess as far as that concerned and i had a great game you know that game in particular made all my kicks and and they released matt bahr the next day which was a shock to me because matt was is long time kicker in probably his favorite alltime kicker and done so much and helping him you know win super bowls in the past that that for him to actually give me the opportunity to to try to do this was with pretty impressive but he was always the guy was trying to challenge not only me but all of his team you know he wanted to make sure yet guys that he could trust going into battling and do what they had to is it true that you didn't really make your bones of them until you made a tackle on penalties of herschel walker is that a true story on them well you know i probably i think at some point i know after after that game and and being able to run down her show and and tackle him he he made a comment because you're more than just a kicker this team now you're going to be look differently by teammates and i wasn't sure that i understood what that meant but after that it did change and i think everybody threes me a little bit different ran him down adam venit share you run you run down her command look at you or watching it right now on the on the tv feet couple more minutes left without a military indianapolis colts kicker let's turn the page now in your entering thirteen season with the culture just three more than you had with new england how is andrew luck adam.

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