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Position but like under your scenario i would do that heartbeat because you're saving your second round pick because that's what you would be sending away i would assume for earl thomas and so then you can feel more comfortable pulling the trigger on a wide receiver at nineteen or you know because basically what you're coming out of that with is hopefully you'll pick up ridley to go along with earl thomas and you also didn't lose your second round pick and so then that's where you can attack defensive line linebacker off sublime whatever your position of seattle would be interested in adding that dez bryant to their team alongside russell wilson i was gonna say russell wilson would be interested in it i don't know how schneider would feel about that because we remember we talked to brought us the other day he goes well johnny given these players away so he's very aware of the value of earl thomas and hey man if you could pull off that deal i would be very would again this is a dream scenario this is a dream scenario if you were if you were if steven jones was able to pull off a trade which gave dez away but also got earl thomas in a pick back a third round pick or something like that steven jones would be a genius right that would be how the cowboys get this leverage how did they pull something like this off if we got earl thomas and a third for dez i think john schneider should immediately fired because he's bad at his job but i even a scenario in which you send a fifth and dad's for thomas i would do that you're sending away your fifth but you're saving your second i would absolutely do that from the from the nine four and nothing's changed but people people that want to play the game and not the contract will be rewarded and now be the america's team literally no idea from the two one four also not getting out of bounds that one time is that why everybody terrance williams oh god i do remember that.

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