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Weather maps my parents and give them the weather report across the country so i thought thought maybe one day that will be where all that leads so yeah. I was totally willing whenever you came to producers in the building. Hey what do you want to try something different. You would try this and see if you're good at it or not. We'll see we've listened they weren't they were they were suspected to trial and error fortunately for a workout as then then now for ten years. Have you been the like on mt twenty and all that i think hot twenty s maybe maybe six or seven years. I don't even know if it honestly has it's been a little bit of a blur and i don't mean that to be sound like i'm lost in this at all but to some degree it is a little blurry. I look back. Do you ever do do this. You look back on your phone like your camera roll and you go back to like pictures. You think you punch one. Oh that was two thousand sixteen. I have three years ago. I some of these photos feel like yesterday. All roles alright together. It's weird how you have that sense. I can even look back and this. Is this your first kid right so i know it sounds stupid but people and people say all the time like soak up every moment i i wish i'd taken more pictures of my kids when they were young. I'm gonna get teary eyed now. Oh my god i i know. Can you believe that i i feel so old but i will say looking back. I wish i'd had more kid pictures more baby pictures. Take fill up that camera roll because it flies if flies flies by and before you know what they're twenty one true but you have really beautiful children and i'm like you said they're on. They're on their way yeah just finding themselves doing their thing. Can you believe adult children later in the world now like discovering themselves. I honestly love but now because we can be friends we can hang. We can have adult conversations. There's no filter at all with us. Holy totally transparent on every level in. We're not afraid to talk about anything which i think is something i four longtime would never ever do with my kids. So you know you you you protect them. You protect yourself. Protect your word. You're very careful as a parent for a long time and so when they're adults you really we can let loose a little bit and i think knowing they can find their way to the cupboard and find the cereal and you don't have to worry about those little things anymore. <hes> it makes it makes it a whole lot easier and they're superfund not to have like adult kids. Yes though okay so like you said at the beginning when i talked to earlier a lot has changed in your life. Let's talk about that because i love so much that you are just living your honest life and that took a while to get here for you know so talk to me about this journey of how you've come into fully being you well. What do you want to start. I mean it started the beginning. Yeah i think this journey we started when i was a kid. I really felt like i was gay at an early age. I don't know what it was. I'm guessing eight nine somewhere in there. Were what is that. How does that feel. It just feels like you're not interested in girls yeah well. I i think at the beginning it was just sort of an attraction. You know in some way to male l. role models. Perhaps i mean i watched spiderman and thought you know he looked good in tight. I thought so. I think some with those things stuck with me like okay. I know i don't know what this is by. No i like that and.

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