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I don't have to talk to him to know this. On DNO. Buddy would support him if he were to what to seize the machines. You send out the military to seize the machines. It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. But they love here. Manga ring they love spreading this year and we had to remember Michael before the election. We had these idiots. We had recordings of these idiots. On it was which Which gang of idiots was that they were table topping. They're having tabletop exercises about election day, and they had some of their players were playing the role of the military and how the Democrats really is the military. The military would be used in the election and the New York Times was good with that they were fine with them. All right, Let's go to let's go to the telephones. Let's go Toe Marco calling from Springfield, Virginia. Marco, You're on the Chris Plante show. Good morning, Chris. Mark, Okay, I I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and Christmas. Thank you. Yeah. And thanks for playing John Philip Sousa, The Washington Post march there. I remember the days where We couldn't play that march because of the Watergate scandal, so that was not allowed to be played there. Anyone explain yourself explain what that means when you say that Well, whenever we would do a patriotic who are we? Who are we? The Army. The Army band, The U. S. Army banding ceremony in the early seventies and late seventies Washington Post March was not one of the favorites at the time. But anyway, I also wanted to address the way we can deal with this Chinese epidemic and like that stop buying Chinese products. It's as easy as that. If you punish them financially, they'll they'll get the hint and I didn't want to comment on people like Overman and will be and how crazy they are. I remember watching, um, will be talking about how Dr Joe Biden is such a great doctor. Well, I think she needs to get that torrential a offer ahead because I think it's sucking her brain out. Just You know, it's just spooky. How these people are so deceptive. I just don't understand who would watch that show. What do they have to add anything intellectually to anything for that matter? Well, they consider to the Democrat Party is talking points and then the constant drip into the brains of unsuspecting Americans. Who are being fed the Democrat parties lines there press relations. They're trying their anger, their rage, their hatred being tube tube fed into the public discourse by By Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar on the view, and and you turn the channel and you and you get the next lunatic on the next channel, peddling the same thing networks and they're left wing lunatic hosts and you turned the late night TV and you get Jimmy Kimmel's mental illness and you turned the channel and you get Stephen Colbert's mental illness. And it's all left wing propaganda. You turn on Saturday night Live thinking you might get a laugh, and it's all left wing propaganda. It's Democrat Party.

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