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Five leagues Liverpool rail socio Dodd of seventy nine eighty and Torino in Syria in seventy six seventy seven. They also only lost one game and didn't win a title. There is one team that did not lose a game for an entire season. And did not win a title. Ooh. Gone seventy eight seventy nine Syria Perrugia. They drew nineteen of thirty games. Whether they didn't that's incredible. That is the lose is this. That's the most titan thing. I've heard. Believable. Yeah. And that was the era the era of you have the ball for as long as you want midfield. We're just sit here. And wait till you give it up. Yeah. Pretty unbelievable. Yeah. I think you're right to feel good about Liverpool moving forward. I guess the thing that I would wonder about you say that they're not planning on bringing in. And he really big names. But I do think record-breaking he said, okay. 'cause they were talking about in senior. I think cloth has brought them back to a point. Now where we went through that kinda wobbly period. Like, you said with Suarez into like up through Cotino where Liverpool didn't necessarily feel like the destination club that maybe they had once been I feel like they are back to being that one. Yeah. Well, I think we're one of Europe's elite clubs consistently. No. I mean back to back years in a Champions League final you if a cop in two thousand sixteen as well on I feel as if Klopp has brought out a boat. There's also an atmosphere. I don't think a player isn't looking at Anfield on a night like Barecelona. Looking at that comeback. Or is everyone is obliged to say now that rim Totta. And and think I I want to be part of that. Yeah. Any of Europe stop players will want in the last ten seasons in Europe's top five leagues. Liverpool's ninety seven points are the most by a runner up Real Madrid had ninety six nine ten also a year where he were Real Madrid came up short to pep Guardiola when he was with Barcelona interesting. Yeah. You have anything else on Liverpool?.

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