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The motivation. You need to transition from where you are to where you want to be these brilliant women. And I mean, brilliant will be dishing out real world advice for self development on the go. So you can dare to change direction. And so you can live a more fulfilling and productive life. You know, the life you deserve. Let's go. My name is nor to gory, and I am a journalist and speaker, but before I got to where I am today, I had a lot of ups and downs throughout my journey, and I want to bring to you and credible women who are going to be sharing parts of their journey and how they got to where they are today and the secrets that they discovered along the way. This has been something that I've been passionate about four years, and I'm constantly on this journey of discovery and learning about myself my potential and really understanding Mitra purpose. So we're kicking this podcast off with the first episode on binding your purpose, and I truly believe that your purpose is something that you've been familiar with for a very long time, but sometimes you lose that sense of purpose when you are influenced by other people, whether that's. Only members or insecurities or fears, and we really wanna find that place again and bring strength to that place because I know you have it in you. We all have it in us. And I think that's the perfect way for us to kick off this conversation journey. This is an on the go podcasts. So I'm hoping you're listening to this while you are on your way to do something incredible or coming from doing something incredible, but just know that we are going to be with you along this journey and I'm excited to talk to Leyla Delia today about finding your purpose. She is a spiritual writer and practitioner wellness educator and the founder of vibrate, higher, daily dot.

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