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Chris Mannix reporting a traditional post season is out of the question for the NBA medic reports the league is considering a truncated playoffs featuring sixteen teams at Las Vegas robust testing before and during the event would be mandatory that all players will be quarantine within the confines of designated hotels and training facilities whatever happens bugs for Chris Middleton trusts the NBA's decision makers under the third step we can to make sure do not think anybody for whatever other reasons out there right now so I mean we we play will be ready for that we don't have to be disappointed I think everybody will understand that is big and that's what this whole Kobe Bryant Tim Duncan Kevin Garnett all expected to be officially announced tomorrow as part of this twenty twenty class of the Naismith memorial basketball hall of fame selections are typically revealed a couple of basketball's final four but with sports shuts down the announcement will be televised from ESPN's studios in Connecticut the NFL intends to play a full twenty twenty season according to league executives have passed meanwhile Dr Alan stills police chief medical officer not exactly sure that'll happen still says that widespread testing would have to be available before the re opening of the league could it be contemplated so the only thing really set in stone dot is that the draft will take place April twenty third through the twenty fifth you know they seem and probably because they don't start playing games until the fall like the league most bent down we're going to get this thing done and then but even before the season starts the way they handled the draft the way they handled free agency they are not slowing down really in the NFL Greg no they might run into a brick wall though because you've got rookie mini camp that begins shortly after the draft I don't think those are going to happen and I don't think that organized team activity period will get off as it usually does you know in may and June they stack right before training camp it even part of training camp or the preseason could end up being compromised but it seems like they want to go on with the the schedule beginning September tenth but of course I got a little one way before they really need to make a decision but because of all those things that you just brought up some of said the draft shouldn't take place because the guys are gonna get drafted they're gonna get signed and they're not gonna be able to get together with the team's most likely I mean that's not very far away those O. T. A.'s that other stuff yeah right now that's part of the complaints of the GM stock around the league they would prefer to put this thing often the NFL is come back it's settled what if this gets worse what do we do it so I don't know what the right solution is but the offseason program without question will be compromised all right great Fridays with Zora Bucks digital.

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