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In your 10 Mills road. You may be under police direction around that crash. Ritchie Road North bound near Forest Park Drive also were reported Accident Forest Phil Jack Taylor, w T o P. Traffic and your Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets were mostly trying today tomorrow but real quick looking into the weekend, of course. Worth of July weekend coming up and he's going to be hot and humid. This upcoming weekend Low nineties Wasim isolated chances of storms in the afternoon hours both on Saturday and Sunday, however, is we get into today or dry, the humidity actually drops a little bit. Plenty of sunshine. Today. Temperatures around 90 We stay around 90 with low humidity tomorrow. Plenty of sunshine. Isolated chance of showers. Storm human on Wednesday Partly sunny 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. Developing in the afternoon. I'm 17 4 meteorologist Lauren Rickets right now 73 degrees in Friendship Heights. It's 7 11 Fairfax County schools are working on preparations to welcome Children back in the fall. That includes finding the money for new Corona virus precautions. Local funds are being used. Oh items with recurring costs like nurses and federal stimulus funds from the cares actor being used to address one time Corona virus costs for returning to Fairfax County public schools this fall. Liebert, an assistant superintendent for the Department of Financial Services for the school system, said personal protective equipment is being funded out of the Cures Act grant at $5.2 million. This includes one cloth face mask for every employee and every student, she said. Cleaning is being paid for out of the post covert placeholder funding a $2.3 million burdens ever now all identified needs air funded in the Current approved budget, but there are still many uncertainties.

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