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Now the forecast from the wcbs weather center and unsettled and rather dreary day today on saturday we'll see clouds will be rather cool as well with a shower at times even a rumble of thunder a high of seventy three a warm front moves through this evening a heavy thunderstorm with it otherwise cloudy low sixty eight tonight that much warmer and humid tomorrow partly sunny shower thunderstorm in the afternoon good evening ahead of a cold front high eighty seven behind that front sunny breezy less humid monday high eighty one i bill deger in the wcbs weather center right now sixty four degrees for long island city it is sixty three in new hyde park sixty one for bayshore and sixty four degrees under cloudy skies for central park more than just the headlines this is new york's newsradio cbs news radio eighty yacht confusion at the border over how to get separated families back together this as a delegation from connecticut is heading to texas to witness exactly what's going on with immigrant families sorrow and protest after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in pittsburgh in sports the struggling mets have made a couple of roster changes right now sixty four degrees it's cool it's cloudy on this saturday the twenty third day of june good morning to you i'm cheryl simone w cbs news time eight thirty one connecticut congressman jim himes among a couple dozen politicians headed to the southern border today but his wcbs reporter steve burns tells us they may not be welcomed with open arms judging by how connecticut senator richard blumenthal visit when things may not go entirely smoothly for congressman jim himes.

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