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Oh yeah. Everyday Eddie baby for. Yeah, he's in the bullpen, helping out baby baby dot o.. Let Minnesota. Yes. So I think about those guys because I think about a new guy coming in, he's gonna pick his staff, bring them in, but yeah, to your point real quickly before move on modern comes into that situation. Look, the book, the lost one hundred fucking games in sixteen. They make the playoffs in seventeen eighteen doesn't work out so well. So yeah, it's it's just because I think Paul is, I think Molitor is a guy that that you can have in a rebuilding phase because he's going to be instituting the fundamentals. He's going to be asking of the little things that these need to get done. And I think that's important when you're trying to change culture. Now it definitely is. Joe Madden will be returning as the cubs manager. This is not a surprise whatsoever. There's obviously like a little bit of talk of, you know, is it time for a new voice in the clubs, cub, the cubs clubhouse? No, no. I think that he's the guy it was. It was a very disappointing finish to the season for the cubs who basically had the best record in the National League for the entire season up until the very end. They go to game one sixty three. They lose the division to the brewers, and then they get bounced by the Rockies. So yeah, it is. It is disappointing when you look at it how their season ended. But overall, I mean you you obviously had. The Darvish thing hurts a lot. The moral thing hurts a lot too. There were things outside of Madden's control that factored into their departure from from the postseason. But yeah, I would say that this is kind of a strike against him if there if we are building towards post Madden in life for for the Chicago Cubs, this is this is a strike against him. Not being in the postseason right now. No, the way that it ended. I mean like you, you can use the Darvish excused and you can use the brand Moro excuse. But the fact is that they were still in a position to win the division without both of those guys. I agree with that. I would agree with that. I just think Joe man will always have the. You always have the player in mind, and I think they'll always make him attractive because he's, he represents a rare breed in he can manage up to the front office. He can an. On the player and he can handle the permission and he's clearly to progressive thing. So I got makes him a attractive candidate for THEO in the cubs now and for anybody else who might be seeking shelter and looted to earlier the comments. John Lester made saying like, we, we got our asses kicked, and maybe we needed that that that to me says that this was a group that was not entirely focused, and maybe if that's not fair enough, it's maybe maybe it's a group that has its sheaves so much in such a short span of time that the motivation to win again isn't quite there or there this I don't. I don't wanna say complacency, but it's almost as if they feel like the is they're given right? They've been there three straight years. It's like, oh, yeah, we we'll, we'll do whatever. And we'll still end up in the NFC. Yes, at the very least real big cat. I told you big cat was. The Kelley spoil. I told him to a space. You're spoiled. You're spoiled. Your interest level is not what it was three years ago. You're not there. You're spoiled. You're spoiled band base now. Yep. And one last note on the cubs Addison Russell suspended for forty games by major league baseball for the domestic violence policy. So I don't know. Obviously, he initially denied this. He put out a statement, denying all of it, but there's no, there's no appeal to the suspension, which is pretty heavy by major league baseball, forty games, the heavy suspension for what the offense is here. They obviously don't care if there's criminal charges being filed. They'll still slap you at the suspension if they feel like they have enough to go on, which they clearly did. So, yeah, I think. I think we've seen Addison Russell's last day on a cubs uniform. I'd be surprised if. I don't know..

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