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Yeah it was going to be reagan to point out and now all right playing this game of judah odd maker plus word yes i typed in joe don baker president and apparently in twenty seventeen he was going to announce a run for the gop. For president joe don baker was. I never heard about this my god. Maybe that's why i mix them up. I realize this is some kind of opinion piece so probably five so eighty two then. Yeah well sound on it so updated twenty seventeen but actually the article. Now that i look at it was posted in two thousand and seven so that attracts ten years from now. I will say this that. I don't remember reading that. My baker fan club newsletter. So that's new information thank you. They need they need a new editor over there though. Because they've been they've really dropped off. I don't disagree really fucking drop to your point earlier. John comedy series about mitchell during you to hear exactly man i mean since cape fear. It's just like they're funny. And i don't know what he's also fletch. Right is he. Not the is not a cop. And fletch congressman. Or something in fletch. Senator in the. I remember he. Isn't that carlin to us. Who is he chief. Karlin jeff guard long the police chief triplets. The little weird messed up each town. That bubis got to increase the cast. Because you've got gina. Davis is in mathis. George went is in it. Right flesh has a bonkers gas. He never leaves the beach. Fat sam now so line from there or or it's not. It's one that i remember. All right found a movie. The fred dalton thompson plays the president in. But this is not what i was thinking of so i don't know strong but there's a movie called last best chance in two thousand five where he played president charles. Ross so you go. Yellow played andrew jackson in a tv short and he played ulysses grant in a A tv movie bury my heart at wounded knee. This is fred thompson. yeah so this He he knows the role he definitely was like. If i can't be president. I will play any president. You offer me. I like to on law and order was good on their nice actor. Yeah i just thought of. I don't know if it's a fun game where it's a fun thing to think about. It would have been a fun game but a but guess whether or not somebody was vice president or the name of a fake president. That's a good game. I like that. Yeah that's that is fun because i couldn't I know about six vice presidents at the most and i don't know about nine presidents. don't pay attention so low numbers maybe not low enough for the humor assistance. We're all just going through. I like i like. I was thinking of vice president names as you were saying that. So it was a little distracted Chip beck with the elliott. He's there in california elliott. What's going on in palms anything That we need to bring john. Ross bowie mixon. I will say that Citizen the break. I as part of the neighbor council. I have I'm the chair of a committee and we have a meeting wednesday night so Either it's gonna go perfectly and nothing's going to happen and it's going to be normal or it's going to cancel because something happens on inauguration day that will will make us afghans. Let's what i've been thinking about today. Concerned that these jobs are going to attack the capitol building homes. No but here's the thing so on the sixth we were supposed to have our main meeting and the the president of the council decided. You know things are still kinda going on maybe Maybe it's not a good idea to have that meeting today. Not because we're in any danger were in our homes doing through soon. Yeah but we rescheduled that for sunday morning because just just out of out of an abundance of Respect i think probably is is the right way we weren't afraid we were just People are concentrating on more important things. Yeah isn't it more about the fact that you want to watch the news like if something's gonna we might but we we figured everybody else would be and so therefore we really wouldn't have anybody paying attention right So that situation may happen on on wednesday or maybe they won't have a government anymore. That's also one of the possibilities right. Keep us posted on the first part about palms the other part we. We'll probably hear about before you. I wouldn't be waiting. Please text me. Because i don't Don't consume news in any other format so if all right if that happens please send me a text. I didn't realize i had that responsibility. Commerce part of culver city or is it city of los angeles los angeles los angeles question. I for wednesday morning. For the inauguration. I believe is it. Noon is where the transfer actually officially happens but the the actual swearing in and stuff. What time does that happen here. west coast time nine. Am am seven thirty. i don i Are are Nola gets is getting time off to watch the inauguration and they're sort of what basically what matt's family did with star wars and communities. Zoom watch the inauguration. And they're they're planning that for nine. Am cool gr. Eight nola is in eighth grade. John that is correct wonderful. Say so's oliver. Yes i got to say you know. She's obviously she's miserable and it sucks but i. My memories of eighth grade are that i would have really used like just benching that one really this writing the bench eighth grave coming back just like a little more. Sure footed ninth grade. I really eighth grade was tough mad. But i mean she's I really if someone had said like we're gonna give you a chance to take like the real initial blows of puberty on your own time. I'd have been like yeah right. I'll do that. that's cool. Yes that's it. Man hindsight's twenty twenty. But i keep trying to convince her that she's lucked out in in in doing eighth grade remotely and it sucks. Because she's got she does. Obviously she does theater so she's got older kids and some of the friends and some of them. Are you know missing. Their graduation obviously sucks on every possible level. But given the transitioning from eighth ninth grade sweat out back refresh you know. I don't see a world where they're not back in school next this coming september. I think they're going to be barring some sort of catastrophic nutrition. I think we're back to normal by them and you know start ninth grade with everyone's magically taller and yourself boys have deep voices..

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