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Our folks. I don't get to talk to you often on this. Show to guess what you might call female bio hackers and. It's kind of funny. Because actually the last time i was talking to my guest today. They asked me if there was like a good word for for a female bio hacker. I have no clue because biohacking hack hack hack does sound kinda like a an edgy. Masculine male type of type of term. And it seems as the is also just a little bit supercharge with a whole lot of odobi is it. is it yin or yang a whole lot of Yang yang and not enough yin but anyways my guests on today's show they are Well a couple of female entrepreneurs as you may have guessed by their by their voices that chimed in there just a second ago but they they actually They're really really like steeped in this whole industry of brain and body optimization and they actually kind of originated in the spa industry. I'll let him tell you their story. But they have been just blowing my mind with all of these cool like revolutionary infrared light. Red light technologies that they've started to delve into with their own company pulsed. Electromagnetic field technologies cool Basically what what i would consider probably at first nice to be like beauty products but stuff that goes way beyond that lake. I on charge dry brushing bristles. Red light face masks in these special p. m. f. mats that are portable for on the go and sauna blankets. He can wrap around you just all sorts of cool stuff so their names are lauren in katie. And i just had to get them on my show today And it's because they they've just blow my mind. Every time i've talked about all the all the cool ideas that they have that are pretty cutting edge in this whole industry so Like i mentioned lauren. Katya female entrepreneurs They came together. Change of spa industry starting off with infrared light technology. Lauren is nutrition issues. A health coach She hosts the series the women versus workout. Which is a video series. He can wash link to in the show notes. and katie Is one of lawrence french. Former investment banker at merrill lynch and was international employees of the tough mudder so knows her way around obstacle courses to and anyway she she in the past has been a consultant for a bunch of different health and wellness companies. But then came on board with lauren and lawrence tech for For infrared light technology and between the two of them they have launched his company called higher. Dose which is based out of brooklyn which is just absolutely transforming the wellness and beauty industry with this whole concept of technology and biohacking. So you may have seen them in like the new york times and forbes and nbc news and entrepreneur bunch other major publications or kind of picking up what lauren. Katie are doing. So everything that we talk about. I'll put in the show notes If you go to ben greenfield fitness dot com slash. Higher dose podcast. That's been grouped with dot com slash. Higher dose podcast. Lauren katie. Probably get this sometimes. But when you when you first started working with me and sending me some your stuff to try and we start chatting on the phone. I actually thought you were like a cannabis brand with a name like higher dose. Do you get that. Sometimes we actually do and it definitely bothers us and our tagline is get high naturally so that doesn't also help your you may have painted yourself into that corner. Unfortunately it's so throw but you know what we feel like. Were one of the very few health and wellness companies. That are a little bit more edgy. The way we communicate health and wellness dose stands for dopamine oxytocin serotonin endorphins which you're forming happy chemicals was stanford in 'cause i i don't think he ever told me this before dostam frigging so does stands for dopamine oxytocin serotonin and endorphins which reform main happy chemicals. And we're all about getting high naturally by doing things that release those happy chemicals that ultimately make you feel good. So we're definitely more on the edgy side when it comes to you know wellness brands. Let's say by the way we came up with that name. Way before the cd. Bill claim it before the before the whole i. I don't know it was the cbd. I think the three biggest booms have probably been. Cbd kito and i. i'd probably say like plant. medicine is in there now even though it's probably categorized in the same category. Cbd but it's funny. How we all these wellness trends like the marathoning of the eighties in the bodybuilding of the nineties and the biohacking of the two thousands and the cd kito carnivore plant medicine. Whatever of the two thousand twenty s khanna those. I was gonna say comma code so i i actually i discovered you win you one of your sauna blankets to try a. I thought it was going to be something. I wouldn't use because electrical blankets are notorious for kicking off shit tons of emf. And so. i just ditched all my electrical heating blankets. When i found that out and just had never gone near anything that was like a blanket. That heats your body since then. I did a video on my website. About how i took one of those those biomet devices and wrapped myself in the silver mylar blankets that you would use for camping or survival or sometimes even after one of those tough mutters the rat people in those things too warm back up but i have a video still on youtube but how you can do your diy sauna by turning on like a biomet just wrapping yourself all these mylar blankets and when you sent me. Your infrared blanket kind of reminded me a little bit of that but it actually worked and actually got surprisingly hot in there like like i was able to get a super deep sweat and then you told me was low math which actually got me kind of excited and then i gave one to my mom. Who absolutely banish all of her hip pain like you. Just climb into every night. She had really bad hip pain and just disappeared after she'd been using it for like a week. I have a client right now. I'm training for a movie role in thailand who doesn't have access because he's kind of like having to travel from from like set set as he goes but he he's really trying to like kind of slim up for the role slash detox so he's wrapping himself in that blanket every single day and also walking in thailand which is sauna in of itself. And then what. I've done and especially like this when i get sick. It's kind of like the old school. Like take a shot of whiskey and wrap yourself in a bunch of blankets and sweat it out type of remedy but what what. I'll do sometimes finding a detox. Or i also like it for just like a nap in the cold. Winter months is all wrapped myself in this. This sauna blanket is climbing inside. So that was how..

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