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Thick say sexy show name girl can i help you god oh you'll mock no muck my parents gave me a name innovate yilmaz jim johanna konta how would that's the only way and i should say that's one of the harder to watch moments in the show my name's john paramor guesses canadian actor lyric bent who stars the netflix show she's gotta have a direct device bakley every imagining of his of his first feature film and '86 what you heard there was one of the more harrowing moments of the show i actually went i went and got a a cup of tea during that seeing a haul back into the room because that is an important scene to see and people can see it on the radio larry can you give us an idea of what has happened yet that nola is leaving she's leaving some where i think a friend's house and mrs since later at night and she has gone home and she's being catcalled by by a guy on the street and he's being you know someone you're rude disrespectful maybe he thinks he's being you know i dunno the gentlemen or whatever but this guy gets a little aggressive with her and um he grabs her iq rats her physically grabs her and she definitely scared and you know does her best fight a fight him off which she does and you know gets away goes home totally shaken and um realizes i think from my point of view.

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