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Stuff you gotta regatta tell the anecdote again about syracuse i thought that was so funny you know we've been tailing jim boeheim the future hall famer as oh you know he's got the match up zone and you know he's the most cerebral guy and his match up zone gives everybody fits and it is true but how he arrived to play the zone that you shared with the boys yesterday was particularly entertaining one informed gary inherit jerry missed it well what what tim figured out how not to work you know sort of made him smarter than the rest of us i used to give them all kinds of grief about playing zone you know sort of a purist y'all in man and we teach all this stuff and we work and he just used to laugh at me and of course they pretty much had their way with us with ads zone with their length but when we start talking about it a little bit and he said well he says one thing is i never i don't have to prepare he said you know you spend all this time working on every set that they run and how you're gonna handle aside pick and roll you gonna front poche you're going to double down all this different stuff i don't have to do any of that we're play in the zone and that's it so i don't care what they run we're playing zone a certain way and then they don't shoot around on game day so i'm thinking you know wait a minute who's the dummy here hey it's me you know i'm working all this stuff and he's sitting there and that jon with that lane then and it's really hard and you know you're going to see a lot more zone now you're just are because they're winning washington came in with the same group of guys that didn't win and they're playing that song and it's just hard to play for forty minutes.

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