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Pounder with cheese for ten piece chicken McNuggets but you better stop by McDonalds today because this deal is only around for a limited time prices of participation a very valid right above the water lesser value cannot be combined any offers our company is thinking about doing plastic surgery in Mexico well I get these Capen plans last week how is that what those are interesting they put them up a little high this thing I know I got mine done here in Beverly hills my talk I would never go south plus we were down to Tijuana take it on the show and then have to fly you put it that way it sounds like a classy day out for me and my kids I have a friend and his boyfriend is addicted to plastic surgery and has been turned down now by three no less than three Mexican plastic surgeons are like don't we're not doing anymore and you from the implants to the this and allowed the cheeks and the lips he doesn't look like himself anymore so cute he was so cute but you get addicted he's twenty nine you might as well look forty five he looks like Joan rivers well if the doctors will touch him he's gonna be had water Mollen next I don't know where he's going to go but only have to plastic surgery done the loading drugs with John Phillips in Julian barberry morning six to ten eighty seven ninety day ABC from rodeo drive the question get a right eight seven nine ninety get right to it we've got the great Anthony Scaramucci now introduced as a New York financier Anthony that's how I introduce you now thank you for your.

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