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To function in futurama but we learned that mineral oil is an acceptable substitute centers are published by combination to robot hell well located under an abandoned amusement park at atlantic city new jersey robot hell is controlled by the robot devil who has filed by the fairness in hell act of twenty two seventy five which allows anyone who can defeat him in a fiddle contest with solid gold fiddles to win their freedom as well as the golden fiddle it self there is the the story from real life about this robot religion that would be for humans meaning that humans would be worshiped did we talk about this a while back and i still think it's a joke but the guy that creates it apparently dc yeah he seems a god basically worst people to worship correct yeah that's the thing the guys named anthony levin douse want to look him up and learn more about that but we're not going to get into that because let's talk about religion that does exist today and that is to say this creepy colt where people are branding themselves and i i i had seen this headline back let's see this was from march okay so this was before this woman was arrested there's a woman allison mack she's an actress from the show smallville which is i guess isn't that a dc comics superman i believe it's like when he was a kid superman babies kinda thing when when he was a kid growing danger anyway so she was in that show and so people know who she is i guess from that and the headline here how small ville actress allison mack became a woman branding cult leader so remember this was in the news long before she was arrested which the arrest just happened i think at the end of last week so let's talk about the history here and then we can get into what's going on now the difficult to pronounce word on everybody's lips this is amy zimmerman writing at the daily beast.

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