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These can't be you know and then from gum obviously i said on sixty minutes if you wanna know what i think or sale is subject go get it eight beloved yeah so that is i'll play it again here for a moment this is a cbs producer behind the scenes coaching bill clinton directing bill clinton on how to answer the sixty minutes interview we question this is about him being involved with jennifer flowers the president should be getting coached by a television executive on how to answer a a question about an affair that he had worn away they or sale is subject go ahead a woman i've said we were going to do an hour at the most but then forty so this is the next part is interesting is this is this is like a behind the scenes clip that was that's really old if you're watching the video version and during the same interview the lights almost fell down and killed the clintons we were almost rid of the clintons in this moment in minutes into it mary and joseph that's hillary yeah she used to have an accent like that you should go back and look at all clips hillary she had quite the accent the most but than 40 minutes a watch if you're watching the video version in just a moment the light rig for the cbs interview was about to fall down on top of them into it mary and joseph what jesus mary and joseph now it's in sort of this um tender moment which i'm suspecting you wouldn't see anymore bill really kind of steps up and um he got to wonder how their relationship is changed since this interview whites thought on friday so bill grabs her.

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