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That country made a big. Let's see what happens you just. Let's see what happens to older workout. Deficient. I don't know. I find it hard to believe. It was intentional. If you wanna know the truth, I think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that it will be able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened, but it was a very foolish move that I can tell you. All right. That's the president reacting and responding to the drone shot down in international waters, this on the heels of two oil tankers, that secretary of state Mike Pompeo as said the rainy in revolutionary guard responsible for taking down as well. Aranh made a very big mistake. The president said time, you will see which, you know, I don't know why people don't listen to Donald Trump because he's very transparent. He's been very clear that and I agree with him that we ought not be telegraphing anything about any military action to anybody it ought. We know that there is a situation room meeting going on even as we speak. And we know that the best, the brightest smartest military minds in the world will make the right decision, and it's going to be interesting to see as the Iranians. Now the sanctions that the president is put on a ran has. Literally brought their economy now to it's knees. And nobody is dependent as we once all were on the oil, coming out of the straits Hormuz, and being energy independent. For the first time in seventy five years, has put us in a much stronger position to deal with Iran or anybody else in the Middle East anyway, our to Sean Hannity show. Joining us now, former speaker of the house. Newt Gingrich eight Mr Speaker, good to speak with you again. By the way, you are on Hannity last night before we went to the president and the president's on the linings. No, I want to hear what Newt house to say, let new finish. Thought that was wild to great nights in a row between five million people tuning into your show on Tuesday nights, a kickoff, and then having the president south calling my night, you're not gonna get many back to early indicators over four million and CNN can't break million a single hour of their day, most days, but, you know, who's and by the way, they are in the distrust, that, that people have, how do you interpret, the president's comments, I interpreted very simply as I am not decided on. I'm not gonna tell you I'm not going to telegraph probably would say, I don't know whether he's decided or not. I do agree that, even if he has decided he is better off to not saying, anything, triggers will gonna doing, you know, our opponents should always be worried, but we might do I think that's a that's. A key thing to think about. We all need to tell them Vance. The sometimes they can learn when the bomber rise up on several occasions, including the Korean. Now that the really has been an effort on the part of the president to avoid escalating things. It's almost as though he is trying very hard to, to letting som- themselves and high suspect that he's also trying to use the tola an opportunity here to fix it. Some person did this wasn't me now the problem for the Iranian is there isn't come a moment when the president is going to think a hammer them very, very hard. And I think that, that if they keep pushing will be making a huge mistake. Pale has been quite clear about this. So I don't think that any way, the way that is you, you correctly, pointed out the sanctions have really begun to bite, and people need to remember when you talk about the strengths of we have no immediate vested interest. India, China and Japan has an enormous interest Europe has a secondary interest. So the combination of the three those are places where you're gonna see people who are really, really worried. And I think part of what the United States is trying to do is to get them to step up and agree. The will internationally police, the water's, not the Americans. Do it. You know. But the thing is I, I have really thought long and hard an often about, I would like to see the next generation of American technology and military might evolve as quickly as possible. Now, I know that was part of the president's. Genda and I remember the president said I'd never do this deal, except I need was what close to eight hundred billion dollars are in monies for the defense department which had been depleted in the Biden, Obama years for the very purpose of building the next generation of weaponry. And I'll tell you why sir. Because you look at Vietnam, we lost fifty eight thousand people there are our national treasure. Our men are our children and between Iraq and Afghanistan, you know, nearly ten thousand and so many others. Disfigured and losing legs and limbs and and facing difficulties now for the rest of their lives. I never liked the idea. We didn't even have in the beginning of the Iraq, conflict up armored humvees. I didn't like that American treasure. Our men and women were knocking on doors, one door after another door and all the ideas were set of for them. And I don't like the fact that in both cases, the wars became politicized in Washington. And immediately when that happens, then the idea of winning the war goes out the window, and you're all talking about an exit strategy without victory. And so I think that I would like to see the future American might and wars, be fought. Let's say from Tampa to pick a random city. If I might if I might. Well, I, I wanna really praise you for second because you put your finger on the real deal, which is the treasure, we lose these wars, his our young men and women. It's not our money money's replaceable, but those young men and women are not, and they are the very hard of who we are as country. And we've always had a pattern of investing in technology to save lives. And I think that the president has been exactly right. The minute deterrent around from the Obama years of weakness to the Trump years of strength has been enormous, and part of that has been a willingness much. Ronald Reagan to put rebuilding the American military very, very high on his agenda. One of the things that has happened in the Trump ears. And I've often said this, that prior to Donald Trump being on the world stage, that, really, there was one voice lone voice of moral clarity in the world and a church Ilian figure in his own right at a sheer necessity. That's prime minister Netanyahu. Who and it was a shame inform. The government I'm pretty certain win again. And he will get that government formed. I hope so. But as a result of fear of the ambitions of these mullah's in Iran for nuclear weapons. Coupled with their desire to white bisrael off the map and, and chant death to Israel and desk to America and wipe America off the map that there has a new alliance that his form that might have been on precedent even three years ago between the United States Israel, the AGIP Sion's are Jordanians the Saudis the Emirates against Iranian. Gemini now to me the fact that they're sharing more intelligence in getting along better behind the scenes than ever before. Well, that raises the prospect of a real long piece possibility in the Middle East, but for ran now being supported by Putin. I think that's right. I think that the we need to recognize as a very real possibility that we're going to see I think, in the near future, much more tight relationship between Saudi Arabia, Egypt Jordan, and Israel, and then that may will be the basis of. Real peace agreement, having nothing to do with direct negotiations with the Palestinians, but everything to do with profound underlying change between the Sunni Arab states, and their fear. They're very deep fear of Iranians way. Do you think you know, look, the straits hor, moves don't have the, the importance, they once had now, it's certainly important shipping lane for the lifeblood of every economy, which makes this idiot. New green deal even more insane oil and gas is the lifeblood of every economy, the idea that we're going to get rid of using oil and gas in ten years is not only a fantasy. It would be the destruction of the US Konami that simple. But more importantly, it does give us more leverage. It does give us more of an opportunity to be strategic rather than reactive in terms of how we deal with conflicts in the Middle East when you agree. No. There's no question that our ability. To be energy independent are to, to continue to build on the braces. Franken give us enormous leverage, both with the Russians with Venezuela, and in the Middle East, and I think it has been just, you know, but I think Trump himself said this other said, when you look at what you would have expected to happen with the price of oil. And you realize how little impact Iranians had that's really attribute to Texas and to not Dakota and the western happening all across America in the natural gas fields by the something horribly unjust going on right now in America ninety percent of burglaries never solved. You think about that ninety percent burglary victims than ever going to get their belongings back ninety percent. Burglars system on the streets. Looking yeah, do it again. But there is a way to.

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