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This Children of the eighties. We all appreciate some cheesy Rick Astley music don't way Hey, my kids. I know I said it to me. The s the other days like that. I totally wish I have lived and grew up in the because I made them watch the back to the future of the rocky movies, you know, E t all this stuff, And they just think the eighties was like free living that you just rode around on your bikes and neighborhoods like you realize you wouldn't have a cell phone that you wouldn't have all this like, I don't care be so much fun. I could Oh, the arcade and put nickels and like he just has the eldest in nostalgia. That's too cute, and I kinda look at it in the opposite way. I would not want to grow up today, guys with cell phones and social media and everything else. I think about our poor kids and what they have to put up with today, So I'm kind of glad that we grew up in the era that we did for sure, it seemed like a simpler time. But since we're flashing back here, I know as kids of the eighties you probably watched a sitcom called Growing Pains, didn't you? Oh, yeah. Yeah. So Kirk Cameron He just turned 50 years old Matt Damon just turned 50 this year. So the boyish face he is starting to gray a little bit on the latest pictures. I see Melania Trump is turning 50 this year, too. Wow. Okay, I wish I looked like that at 50. I'm not gonna lie guys on then we've got Tina Fey Kelly Ripa. Also on that list. UMA Thurman. She's aging well to so some of us are aging better than others. But the guy that we opened up with here, Rick Astley. He talked about Turning 50 with rolling Stone. And here's what he said Guys when I was 21, it's almost 50..

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