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So you said we domesticated us. That's powerful. Yeah. I mean, we think well, we domesticated we plant, but what really happened was now, there's we'd everywhere we did a heck of a job dominating all the other plants on the planet to become the number one food source on planet earth. That's how it manipulated this. So win again, we satisfy our desire, and again, it's not just the carbs satisfaction. It can be whatever the addiction may be. You know, maybe it is gambling. Maybe it is the mindlessly shopping or whatever it might be. We get that dopamine rush. And that dopamine rush ultimately stimulates parts of the brain that there are a couple of the areas we wanna look at look up these areas. The nucleus accumbens is one and the ventral tag mental area is another these are pathways or centers along the pathway that ultimately stimulates the production of these indulgences morphine chemicals. So in a very real sense when we cater to our addictions, or to our desires that bring us pleasure. We're really catering to a system that's allowing us to stimulate the insides of our our skulls with. Morphine like chemicals, and that's why it's so hard not to do it. The more you do it through neural plasticity, the more those pathways become hardened or ingrained. What a great name rained got the grain part. But the more we choose not to do it the easier. It becomes this to distance ourselves from that type of activity. It isn't easy to move away from that type of activity, but it gets easier with time. So the plea is give it a shot stop eating, those foods stop engaging in those activities, and it will get better and you'll develop much better relationship with the part of your brain that allows you to seek happiness over momentary pleasure because what happens with pleasure is it needs to be rekindled in recess. Fide? You know that day later on or the next day. Happiness, and the prefrontal cortex when that is stimulated we develop a sense of what is called contentment, which is the opposite of pleasure pleasure. Means you never have enough you need more contentment by its very definition means you're content with what you have and contentment cannot.

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