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Not coming to an agreement on a long term deal it looks like he'll hit free agency and I had, fun asking my listeners this question on our last show but when you think about him getting to, the free agent, market and. You think about the contract? He turned down wow service so what is he worth? What does the NFL market dictate that lay beyond bell who will be a twenty seven. Year old running back, is worth when he gets there I could be wrong but. I and I've had this debate with some. NFL executives just guys were no dog? In the fight but what do you think about situation how can you. Walk away from that much money, and I, get it, and if he, got his knee you know week four, then obviously he he will have made a monumental mistake but but I believe that on the open market Next year. With the cap continuing. To go up and with their always being. Six to eight teams in this, week, who have. Infinitely more. Cap space than they could, ever spend even if they wanted to and teams that have over the years had difficulty attracting players it only takes one team Amy and somebody give him sixteen sixteen and a half million a year. With two and a half years of that salary guaranteed or so you know upwards of you know let's say. He gets sixteen a year and that's thirty to thirty eight thirty nine guaranteed I don't think it's, out of the, question I. I really don't and again? It only takes one you know could I see the? Jack to pay him sixteen million a year after they were willing to pay cousins thirty. Million a year and, he turned him down and they they have a lot of. That budgeted money leftover and you've got a. Young quarterback and Sam darnold and twenty? Nineteen and he needs some weapons around him and they liked their young. Receiver group and none of those, guys are, making money yet I totally, say it so I do think you'll, get that money the question is in the meantime Can can Todd Gurley or David Johnson raise the bar while Levy. On bell has to sit, out, he can't negotiate with anybody until next March so that'll be the question and what do the cardinals now do with David Johnson because. They're obviously, won't be, a love, EON bell long-term deal to negotiate off of he's obviously stolen the franchise tag can he. Go out and gets a fourteen million a. Year on a long. Term deal, with you know thirty, ish million, guaranteed thirty two ish million guaranteed we'll see well I'm glad you brought that up Jason because that's another, question if lay beyond bell ends up getting this blockbuster deal, that he's after does it boost the market for running backs as a whole does it end up then serving as. This catalyst like it has for quarterbacks and their deals where every guy who comes behind him benefits or is he more of. The aberration because of..

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