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Welcome to another edition of big mouth, home of high end, pop culture conversation from low end, pop culture compensates. I'm Andrea Harrison. And I'm sure usually Sean patent the organic vegan wrapped my mechanically recovered chlorine wash chicken nuggets. Hello, sean. How you doing? I'm not sure which one of us is best that she all kinds of vegan rap definitely. That's no fun though. That's just the start bringing everybody down, by the way was the story of the BBC this week. But streaming music is actually bad for the planet's because it uses electric three research is a diversity streaming haikus three times as much energy to ruin a year as a CD player. So you're gonna go green, and he listened to old records in physical form. Hum home hits to myself. I read from test. It comes with a guardian thing about streaming media. And the guy said, I don't know why people waste ten pounds on streaming music. I've got all of a sudden as I could possibly wish to hear in my head, and I can play them for free. Go talking about him later in the freaky doubts about it. Yet, the logical inclusion of of the residuals you've to have one record and you should never play enough. Yes. We have two guests this week. Linda, America writes about film for empire magazine, the Jewish chronicle and the London economic economic what knows London economic everything she's of screen Woodstock coat UK. She's a lot of films, Linda, Boca bucks, a big mouth. How you doing? I'm wild. How very on L. We're overdue wealthy. We the Oscars later on. But I I want to get your quick reaction to some films Kubat ablation this year. Brad, Pitt to Chris Cornell bio pic, what do you think about that? I think it's brilliant. I mean, I haven't really seen rapid do anything for a while. Yeah. Looking forward to that would give good bad Whitney tragedy at the casting for Dennis villa nerves version of June. He's got like literally everybody, we'll be only people who aren't in. This point was may. I said earlier this week. He's says if he said who's hot right now up to me. And I mean, it's fine. I mean, I'm happy with the with the the cost list. Timothy shown a man you can pronounce like. I can't pronounce oh, I love him. It's got acrimonious name mccan ever. Remember? It's got Stehlin skills yards. Yeah. It's it's definitely riser because we all think Oscar Isaac. Yes. Now, the the regional film adaptation of David Lynch authorization of dune is continues to be a laughing stock for stimulus plastic onto depend what it is one of the great stories that really deserves to be made into a proper sprawling space opera is now is now the time. I am a fan of the original. I know many people aren't, but I'm also I'm really looking forward to this. And instead of enough, and who I think will do Justice they go the password is Judah rosters June. Sean who else is with us in the studio while you wait for months for someone from the quietest to turn up and like buses to turn up once last week had turn in talking about his excellent book out of the woods and this week. It's the co founder and editor of this strange noises music or website, John Duran. Hello, john. How are you? I'm fine. Thanks good. You've been writing about punishing Tom music, baroque electric and widow widow classical music on the quietest for a decade. Now. You also present noises regular video. Series, British masters way, you interview people like Albertine and cozy funny tutti your right vices? Endlessly, entertaining comment, and you're the author of jolly lat this is like this is your life. Isn't it? Leaky entertaining, memoirs of substance and mental health issues. You could read they'll come back. This is this is your life..

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