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While the back nine night with deep wallet they're very quarterback he'll give you have a question for you falling might keith avery williamson or myself hashtag heightened tonight and i will ask the questions right here i have one for avery right now avery what does dikla bowed due to motivate this defense to really get you guys going in a game immigration i got his that's like raul raw we just simply not tells us the we got to do it and nobody only came in a locker room no halftime during the kansas city game now he simply told is that you know we we uh you know we gave up twenty one points in that we need to go out there and we got stopped him in always a lotta time there and i were only down word out this one one three wasn't a 20 wanted for air and uh ages calmly asserted we said now we gotta get out there and get it done stop him and that's what we did an immediate he's not he's not just the never been arague is this uh it is tells ideas and i'll know we just feed off of it and and you know we stepped up in endebted them so let me ask this question you have been to new england before you've played against tom brady gillette stadium before that was 2015 in december at the end of your second ear i know it wasn't a playoff game but having been there in having faced the patriots in foxborough just that help you and any of the other titans in that respect about saturday night yeah i mean in some sense it does this because we know the nazis the my first tom going up there was kinda like every light is looking around everything you knows on new and this i was happy to be in hope you hurt their plan against no tom brady and the patriots member notice after light the experience of already and the prior buys is gonna be you know uh ready to go light is down to this is ready to play there are a lot of people who thought that if it tightens didn't draft.

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