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We need to record that. Do my lungs starting to hurt. Don't give a shit stop vaping k. Guess what do you know who has more grammys. katy perry just cape perry grammy's brock obama. Barack obama has more fucking grammy's katy perry dust in saying why well it's like yeah. The president barack obama has one. Now two grammys in what in the spoken ward category i memoirs rap spoken ward while katy perry has many nominations and zero wins. So there's just park park the bronco. Like the president of the state says moore embiid grammy's thought receptacles. Yeah over yet. But did you skip over some. I thought you said you had more stories now. No those are all again. It's a lot of weird shit like there's there's ones reno guy bar shoots himself. There's a lot of those people dropped their kids. It's a lot of weird fucking shit. Though so here. I wanted a tomato okay. This is my other fact. I had a quick google search it. I'm so is a little bit stipulation. Here's a little bit of stipulation if it was true or not so i didn't wanna say as fact but i did read that the reason eyelash extensions were invented where by eighteen hundreds of pimp pretty much saying so so the working class women wouldn't get seem in the rise and i was like i was like i read that somewhere true but they might not be true. I was like shit a little bit too much separation on a call that my fact that one. I'm not guaranteed on but it's kind of neat to listen to if that is true. Yeah that's a great idea. i was like fucking like. He's like you guys need to stop getting coming your i. Everybody showed up to my door. Pink i like this stop this. Yeah all right well. That was a weird about curse. Towns are probably getting. there's probably more curse towns out there that we may get into one day. We'll have a fun one next week. We're probably gonna make fun of the catholics lot so religious. Maybe don't tune-in joking all right. We'll stay strange. All you fuckers. Ww straight through dot com. We've got lots of merge. I'm wearing fucking the stranger podcasts news online on my sweater today we dope cool new design. We have a bunch of fun. Fuck and i got a cool new mutt. Coffee mug for myself to actually. My girlfriend bought me the ship. Valentine's day and i was very happy because i i said a body i was like i was like she could something from the site but i doubt she will. Who knows and then. As soon as i opened the mug. I was like cool. So there's probably and then. I opened the sweater. Like dope dope all right now now now all i do is where my merchandise and i'm just a walking advertisement of all right fucker. Range strange in strays strange. Stay group drunk. Yes drunk and did drunk during strangely. We are recording on a saturday jesse for valentine's day. So getting fucking drunk. Get your fucking maturity. Decided to do it now. We said fuck it. No you didn't say fuck you. Both are impatience. Fuck how bad. I to give my girlfriend the shit that i have hiding in the closet. Rita uncircumcised dick. It's hiding in the closet. Yeah dirt.

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