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Going as unexpectedly as they expected it to Bailey Friday newsradio ten eighty KRLD here are the traffic and weather center we've got one accident just reporting north on highway seventy five central expressway just north of mockingbird if your approach in that area to use caution they are all the weather center cloudy tonight we should get down to about forty three or so there still is about a thirty percent chance of light precipitation is usually missed it makes a street slippery use caution later on today mostly cloudy high of forty nine a low of thirty five still a twenty percent chance of a little free ship there on Sunday it turns sunny with a high of fifty nine and a low of thirty five no mention of precipitation on Monday better yet a high of sixty six and a low of forty degrees and then on Tuesday sixty eight with forty seven and merry Christmas on Christmas day a high of sixty nine and a low of forty five right now it's forty four degrees I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the Clark Howard show begins now on newsradio ten eighty K. R. L. D. saving America big money one listener at a time get ready to save more spend less and avoid getting ripped off this is Clark Howard great day to be here on the Clark Howard show where it's about you learning ways to save more and spend the last No Way when ever rip you off three is some I don't want to rip you off that would be me that's why coming up later you'll hear Clark stings three yet to hear where people feel like.

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