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And we love to go new restaurants and old restaurants and talk about restaurants and eat good food and talk about eating good food and sharing our experience with you so we start with restaurants open to restaurants closed so mel I did notice it or is closed restaurant and I hadn't noticed before and that's Ginza on on the corner of water and market. It's the Oh yes so I knows it was all voted out. Oh had been the Chinese buffet. It had been other thing. It'd been everything and I think when I moved to Santa Cruz it was an Italian. I'll have to say I have never been in there. Oh I went in. There was the Italian restaurant. Okay still see okay so and I never of a got I got. It had to packing lots of front of the bank and never saw anyone parking in either parking lot and I went there when it was the Chinese buffet and it was Kinda gross okay so that one closed everybody now. I don't have any new ones of open you mouth you know I have not heard of any new ones. No okay so this week. We're going to be talking about a restaurant. Not In Santa Cruz. County out. Yes Stanford out so we he went to A. We went to a show in Oakland music. Show at the Fox theater with a third person to go see Raila Montaigne. Eighteen citizen couldn't be here with us today But we wind up early and we had dinner in Oakland Glenn around the corner. It's walking distance from the Fox theater right. So then that's how we chose. Actually Al third person chose it and she just went. Oh well this one had good reviews views and so I- booked it so and then she's like did you look at the menu and I'm like No. I thought shout out to Jen. She made you picked picked a winner. Yes she did so so. Let's talk about the restaurant mill roof very small and as we were walking to it we saw the the name of the restaurants hopscotch. We actually saw the like overflow annex hopscotch area which was just basically a rectangle the bunch of tables in it and we were in the diner which was like two doors down. I think something that looked like an old fifties diner kind of whacky traffic flow through their strange walls. Where something else had been there before before was kind of interesting to sit in Definitely had Diner vibe with giant bar in one corner just bottles bottles and bottles anything you. I wanted to cocktail. They had. I'm sure right and Bob was you know when people say that was ahead that Dina look so. That's where it sort of differently. Looked like a diner is that by hit the curve of a diner Dina and it wasn't would and right so that had the dinah feeling so not only does a boatload of cocktails it has an extensive wind yes huge wine less now Mellon. I didn't drink. Magen did have a glass of wine with hers and the Server was very helpful about helping her. Jews are. That's true. Yeah yeah so that was great. Eligible very knowledgeable. So let's talk about. What did you have? I had advertiser of oysters which was the wonderful. How many I think there were six? I think I can't remember eight them so quickly could afford six. I could've been eaten two at a time. I don't no no and then for my dinner. I had the Sashimi which was just wonderful it was thin thin cut had a beautiful kind of sauce on it with some some kind of nuts on it but not like peanuts or anything ordinary it was it tasted grade and I walked out of there not stuffed like I felt talk fully satisfied with my mail but then I did help you with your fries too right so extra Africa. They brought us a little amused Bush. Yeah that was three a little pieces of deep fried Tofu with like some seasoning on top a stall legit was delicious. I was Kinda thinking. Oh Fried Tofu. Wow but it wasn't delicious pushes. It was really good. I was thinking it was kind of a toss away but it was good. It was the some put a lot of thought into their food. I think the the the opinion I got there. We had an early reservation. We got there at five thirty and there was maybe only two or three other diners. Starting at six the was a constant stream dream and line out the door. Yes so this is a very popular restaurant so if you are going to go suggest a reservation yes and some of the people. They were taking him putting him and the annex because when we walked by later on the way to the show right and we were in the restaurant we were who's falls. Well we never even got a eight to see what the kitchen would look like. Yeah so I had the Burger. Her boring is that at. The Burger came with something really interesting. Instinct came with a slice or two slices of beef tongue on it so it was the Berga petty and then be tongue on the patty and then you know the normal latest Mehta stuff and even I didn't has so it was delicious so the tongue. I don't know if gave an extra on the patty was really you know perfectly the way I wanted it now. The bread wasn't as robust as I wanted right. I remember Memory Santa. Yes so the bridge started to integrate the Bun. So and I think it's a hot choice when you're making a burger is if you make the BUN to row I. That's what people came if you make it. Not Enough like is what I had just sort of disintegrate. Yeah then it's a foregone knife thing yeah exactly and who wants to do that with a bogey. Chevy yeah okay that would be so I had a choice. Bogota come with potato chips that they make in house or French fries. They made in house for an extra four dollars or five five dollars so I chose the French fries now. Unfortunately bought me the potato chips right. I ordered the French fries and then they did bring a plate of French fries that we will share about five minutes minutes later and what was really nice as they did the French fries. Oh good I didn't know that. Yeah I didn't expect that yet but that was really good And the phrase came with a lovely delicious source of you. You tried it. It was slightly spicy tomato and something was delicious. Okay I probably didn't okay and the fries were skin on right right and not overdone. And we don't really roll done and I think made in house not like Randy so too yeah no not frozen frozen bag throughout the brier delicious and then do you remember what John had Soba noodles and her thought on those. I believe she asked for hot sauce because it didn't seem to have. She expect them to be spicier than they were under. Call right yeah. I remember that as well and they looked like homemade as well. Yeah Yeah Yeah So. They went sort of flight. They were very clearly and yeah and this restaurants known to have kind of American food would with Japanese slant so some of the food like the Sashimi in the Soba noodles yes kind of a nice Japanese and obviously they pay a lot of attention to seasonal food. Their menu changes. It seemed like and it was very good and then we had desert. Because that's what we do so I have to say the desert. I couldn't remember what we had like the day after after I'm like I remember what it was and so I asked Mel a couple of days ago. And she's like Oh yeah it was it was and then it came to both of us and what was it because I've forgotten again again so we had donuts or they look like been yeas three little puffs of doughnuts and then they had a scotch krinos bigger than a donut hole. Okay as maybe a couple of inches by Lynch's listening to clear her affect. Yeah and then it came with the butterscotch cream sauce. All right I told the doughnuts were really good. Sauce taste like butterscotch at all to mayor the cream and creamy. But it didn't have a lot of flavor maybe vanilla but it it was a good not overly sweet done like on a desert so that was good so that was good and they were three little pockets and we ask first and we like how many with the service it a widow if they bring us one extra one favorite so it was a nice end and what was good about. How does the food was fresh? Yes it was you know if you wanted to have a cocktail glass wind. That would definitely be a good place and Nice vibe. It was close. It was walking distance to the theater. which is really why why we chose it and then how much was the bill? I don't remember I do okay. I don't know why. Ask the bills one hundred dollars three of okay and that colluded a glass of wine. Okay right so no appetizer. And then you know none of us ordered anything that was extravagantly although we could have have I mean some very expensive things on the menu we just none of us had a really big meal right So it was under dolls and then plus tips one hundred and twenty with what it came to okay and then we did the high finance or who put in too much to offer never know that one of us has financial planner based on how he at the end so where's crush located. Hopscotch is located in Oakland within walking distance to the Fox theater at one nine one five San Dan Pablo Avenue in Oakland. And I suggested if you're going up to Fox theater give yourself a little extra time park there right near the Fox theater and walk on over to hopscotch. It was agreed meal and I would definitely go back going back to Fox theater okay. So we're raiding oh for Paddington rating system we have the lowest rating which is for this place. I'm Outta Outta here. No is much better than that. Our middle one is called second helping which is We may go back and try something new on the menu which I would do and our highest rating is as the plate liquor which means we're going back and we're bringing our friends so for you. It was the plate. Lick it was a plate liquor delicious yes for me. It wasn't a plane with a a second helping okay. It was like I like to try and go back again. But it's not something I'd like growing old. This was a great meal That you should go into another show. The Fox would come to mine and it would come to mind. I might go somewhere else. Okay so if you are going to show the Fox theater this is nothing to do with the ristorante. This is the Fox a little bit..

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