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Book that is like you know if the fire. Next time is the prophecy. No name in. The street is the reckoning. And so i wanted to use that book as a frame for thinking about our current moment. So it's not a book about jimmy. It's a book where i'm thinking with him and trying to find resources to keep my head up in this dark moment where the country has turned. Its back on. Its promise once again. I would like to know other sources that you use personally for hope and optimism in what else what the craziness. That's happening right now. I think is really important to make a distinction between hope and optimism juno optimism. I don't have a lot of that from mississippi you grew up in. Houston you know what that. I ten corridor blues sounds. There's a line in it. Bb king has a line where he says. Nobody loves me but my mother but she could jiving too so he's blues. Soco is a hope that the boys says so's a black folk is a hope not hopeless but unhelpful. You know so. Where do i find this blues soaked. Hope i find it in us. We've seen dark times in this country. May i mean we've experienced the country at its lowest point and what i do know. Is that my faith in human beings capacity to respond in. The darkest of the hour is the faith that i have. I'm constantly trying to be able to cultivating my ability to see beyond the ugliness of now to imagine and otherwise where human beings could be treasured where everyone can no matter the zip code. No matter who they love no matter. The color of their skin were we afford dignity and standing in a society that values human beings as opposed to money and things winded thing. You both know mayor. Michael dyson cornell. Yeah and you in with both of them but my question would be. Who would beat a better rapper. Michael i was like west would not be on beat but it should be really handling. Also he'd be really good but that should be like. What did you say i should do. Not rhyme in. No no neither one of need to be rhyming. Neither one of you need to understand your limitations as you know like the oklahoma to the to the cookout in shorts bra you need to put on some law pants. You don't walk around you probably got uncle to from new zealand and ab wearing shorts. I'd be like bro. My daughter's ankle why you got grocery so his choice to be so sure like it's like literally but he has. He has a tattoo on his leg. He like show it all the same time i know. He's that's uncle right there. That really wears a short short man. All right So we got we got like like to do rather not questions are just things that yes or no you can give a little s why you say yes why you say no okay so the first one is Morning or night six warning. Start your day off the i. I first medicine morning. Most of the most everybody's been saying both. I'm a different. Do i see you start your day off right exactly. Yes certain watson to be. Let's see okay. How about your drinks. You prefer wine or hard liquor. I'm irish whiskey. Oh whiskey. Kevin hart are richard. Pryor richard pryor. Yeah kevin hart redundant when he stuff is kinda gets kinda boring richer prize the father. I mean there's no yeah. How about your vacation. Do you like to relax at the beach or going city tours. Relax at the beach with a good novel in the caribbean. I love in whiskey Usually like I had a place in version. Don't tell no tell them to check into you to your. How much got he got a damn llc lords talk about justice and love. Look at it right. Don't tell them a sports team. Mississippi state ole miss mississippi state. Now wouldn't you wouldn't catch me for the running rep of rebels. No oh no no. No johnny rib. Oh hell no all right. What about some food. Crawfish or poboy. That's a hard one i know. God who could you ask me that question. So long whom between the two just say either or oh my god i love i love second. This is only so what we call it. You know hey louisiana you know I go to a bushra poboy okay listens catering be blues. Depends on what kind of liquor drinking. If i'm if i'm listening to the blues there has to be so you know some whiskey. If i'm be i'll go with the blues..

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