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Jason Peters, Trent Williams, Football discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd


Yes do i think the new york giants should move him yes not just because of some antics without l beckham the giants are rebuilding team they just wanted mitt okay they they're offenses line needs to be rebuilt they don't have homerun running backs odell beckham ms seventeen games in four years even if you keep him he gets dinged up defense of line jp they just let him go ally apple has become concerning as a corner and his personality he was called out by landon collins who is great so they've got some defensive players that i really like but i said it yesterday we went and looked at pro football focus the top fourteen players in the nfc east in philadelphia had six dallas had five and washed it and the giant had to back junior and like snacks harrison that's it new york in that debate by the way the giants have really good left tackle his name is nate solar he's the fourth best left tackle in the nfc east tyron smith the cowboys is one jason peters of the eagles is to trent williams of the redskins is three and eight soldiers four and they'd soldiers one of their best players by the way snacks harrison is their best player he's not as good as fletcher cox so even their players who are considered elite aren't as good as other players in the division who are the only two players the giants have who are the best of their position in the division number one without argument landon collins safety best safety division after that it's del beckham but if you go to pro football focus where they great receivers on a variety of things he doesn't rate is the top receiver in that division fact last year nelson aguilar had a higher rating 'cause i mean he you know obie jameson games so if you're rebuilding giants you're rebuilding offense i mean you are you know just admit it you know in house you are like people it's funny we all know who's rebuilding san francisco's rebuilding in these rebuilding cleveland rebuilding they just admit there's like there's some teams in this league that like seattle and the new york giants are rebuilding.

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