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Minnesota and that was like a teaser. What we initially initially got in always be my may when he was his rap star? Exactly we'll get to that in a minute but I just also want to talk about this. You know we've been building this idea. Rondo kind of you know uh-huh stepping into his own and building name slowly but surely and I think there is no better manifestation of this land. The fact that Randall Park has been in both marvel. Oh and DC comics universes. Yes he said. I'm GonNa take all your superhero coins. I WANNA take every last one and I appreciate that because he is of course in. DC's at Komen But he's also in at night on the walls but the sequel And I'm sure he wasn't paid anything less than five dollars per minute of anthrax alike he is doing a okay and I really love his character on line he plays An FBI agent. Jimmy Woo so I just want to point out both those names. He's not called. You Know Steven Jones Right. They have made his characters specifically Asian. Okay they have given him names the economic Yeah that's an Asian man and I'm grateful for that because there was a time when the only way you can have an Asian person in your movie will give them the Whitest name although neutralize the Asian I guess but no he's Stephen Chen and he's Jimmy. Woo and I really love him. In at Man on the walls because he plays plays opposite Scott Lang who's played by Paul Rudd. I'm Paul of course is hilarious and Randall is of course yes and they have this amazing kind of chemistry mystery and that they play and I really love this because it's kind of like fill to the brim with them. I'm.

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