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Find out i still tv i'm ruining it for you don't give and and then and then i go but thanks for the pizza and take the pizza out of his hand the whole pie and fucking walk back into my apartment and shut the door in his face he's testing up worst person i've fought in stuck the knife in that was still your tv by the way oh thanks for the pizza is what thanks for the pizza was that's what the thanks for the pizza was the fucking dice the fucking sirott knit every night they ever sold on the knife fucking qvc shit with serrated sarid it's beautifully saturated it can just be separated either it's beautifully saturated look at that just look at it everything on qvc just look at it they show you something and then say just look at it a beautiful ceramic angel with wings from the artist itself they've made twenty of them look at it just look at it you know shit look at it it's on tv just look at it beautiful grape flavored dildo you can stick it on the wall it's got suction look at it just look at it rubber look at it look at it about anything these beautiful twelve wronged ladder look at it yeah it's a ladder look at it deluca fuck and deviant killer where it's like look at it again with the stabbing you fucking stab them in the gut and then they go no and then they say look at it look at it look at the wound.

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